Legend of Grimrock Giveaway CLOSED

I really liked all of the characters but the winner at the last minute is

Mordread the Necromancer Ascendant

I have pm’d you the key.

Thank you everyone who entered.

Give me your best dungeoneer/adventurer character name. With a back story if you wish and I will pick the one I think is best 8PM GMT 14/12/2017.
The winner will receive a steam key for the legend of grimrock.

Good luck!


Young Xaos: An emperor’s son who’s run away from home after his father ordered the execution of his best friend.


Rouxi Redcap.

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Nice giveaway @pulling3r . Not entering but here is the my favourite character to play as.

Grakt, son of Grakt. Proud barbarian warrior. Due to the market collapse from the Global Financial Crisis, Grakt lost the caribou hunting business that he owned. Struggling to provide for his son, Grakt, Grakt had to move to the more populated area and start working at a popular restaurant. Where he is now known as Grakt the Chip Fryer. He still adventures part time as a hobby.


Not entering, but here’s my character:

The proud young Orc Hunter Gorehowk the 3rd, son of Gorehowk the 2nd (who died in the Ghostlands when 3 banshees respawned on top of his him when he was already fighting 3 other banshees (and 2 of those having respawned while he was fighting 2 others)) and grandson of Gorehowk (who died from a lightning bolt launched by a Barrens centaur a quarter of a second before he was killed by an arrow to the knee).


Krandor the wizard

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Haggslock the Impolite.
A bard of great ineloquence with his raucous ballads pertaining mostly to tavern wenches and farmers daughters.


Solum, the survivor. Once known as a great adventurer. After being the sole survivor from a party made up of the best adventurers in the whole kingdom, one of which was the Prince himself, the King wouldn’t listen to Solum’s story about an unknown monster being the one who killed his son. And so he was banished from his homeland. Now he spends his days wandering through the same dungeon, hoping to find that mysterious creature, the one who ended his life.


Not entering
But I wanted to share the most fun character I’ve ever made and played.

Lin Mirfall
She was kidnapped from her simple farm family home at age 5 by child slavers, stuffed into a bag and piled into a cart presumably with other children or stolen goods. Luck would have it that she fell off the wagon one night and tumbled down a deep ditch and either left unnoticed or presumed dead. The party found her wandering around the forest hopelessly lost and hungry but peculiarly not hurt, not so much as a scratch or a bruise. The party not knowing what to do with a kid on their way to deal with a kobold infested cave nearby, neither wanting to leave her nor delay their quest by turning back and take on the several days trek back to the nearest town decided to bring her along. She would prove to have an uncanny knack for avoiding danger and harm and eventually even bestowing blessings and heal.

Mechanically I designed her to work as a sorceress version of a cleric, though not fully player character powered and with a lot of age related stat penalties. She’s still a kid and her powers were manifested through childish beliefs like “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” and she’d believe such things to the point of making them true. She’d also actually kiss a wound better and anyone she regarded as a hero would find themselves performing just a little better, whether by some sort of enchantment or just wanting to impress/protect the child who could say.


Bariska the Ranger.

She protected her family fields from invaders, not killing a single person, using traps and knockouts, her arrows were the stopping power she needed. At night the only place she could hide was the caverns, and people began telling the history of Bariska the ghost from the caverns.


Thats a really cool character, all these people not entering but being having great characters!

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Going to edit this, but I wanted to clock in my dungeoneering character name by the deadline at the very least. Polishing the character backstory for a later edit :wink: .

Mordread the Necromancer Ascendant

The illegitimate byproduct of a crass nobleman’s fling with his mild-mannered, innocent housemaid, she was left as a baby along the streets of The Pit, that harsh underbelly of the Darkfells where evil men wander with their twisted machinations …