Legacy of the Coin Spin


Thought this thread was gone, but the couple of days catch up gave me a good giggle.


I still keep thinking there is a button to press everyday lol then I’m like oh yeah :sweat_smile:


I still go to see what the daily deal is, but after a few seconds I just click ‘Community’.

I’ve already mentioned why more times than I can count on one hand.


I miss the coin spin. Not necesarily the free games, those were a nice addition, sure, but the spin. It was pure, it was simple, it was joy incarnate. Without it, the site, while fully funcional, missed some of it’s happy charm.


Well I’m too tired lately to watch Streams, but don’t forget that’s another good reason to hit the landing page - you get to watch someone play the game of the day live and in colour!

In colour. sigh I’m not sleeping well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I recall those ‘[network] is proud to broadcast the following program in color’ preprogram promos; I’ve seen a few of them (they used to play them before The Price is Right started back before Bob Barker retired from the show. Likely a coincidence.)