Legacy of the Coin Spin


Is it possible to make the coin spin animation show up in the forums when we click the heart coin to like a post?

Currently if I click on it to like a post, it just flashes slightly an enlarged coin.

If not, forget I asked. I know I am going to miss seeing the spinning coin daily in only a couple of weeks.



Or better yet sell a collectors coin that I can fidget with irl


I mean… why not? One more way to spread the Chrono name, it generates revenue for them, and we get a neat souvenir. Everyone wins.


At least put a GIF up?


Yes. I need to fidget when I’m outside. I would get one. ^^


Depends if it would it slow the loading of the site lol
I think a new animation would be nice thoo


I would too. For my job, it’s common to collect coins everywhere you move to. New base, new coins for the collection.




Like Button Go Spinny


I admit it’s a pretty good looking spinny coin.

Need .gif to put into my profile.


This one also spins off center!


Looking at that linked thread makes me dizzy lol



I must have picked up the same one, I use the dark background, so the white border is otherwise really obvious.


Gotten around to doing a GIF. So updated my profile. Seaburn


Aw… it’s so cute. ^^


I would steal, but I love my poogie pic too much. :pig:


A tough choice for me too but the time just seems to be now. That’s why I put it in the post. Poogie looks cool though.


Aww yeaaaaaa. Thank you!

I did a bit bigger and put it on my profile background. I have to press the expand button though. The biggest hidden .gif.

Edit: I made it the 2 profile backgrounds. It deserves it.


For everyone feeling already nostalgic about the coin shop spinny spin, heres something for y’all
Also as a token of gratitude for the giveaways I won here

Overlord II - 37JDP-8AVX0-LGAD9 also 2X069-PLY5D-5WQ7D
Age of Wonders III - 39TTA-HRLB0-QL4A4
Company of heroes 2 - 2TELD-9KW62-P576J
Endless Space - 3584N-GHTZF-3BCBF


Good of you. Tried for Overlord but both gone, thank you on behalf of whoever grabbed them.