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Left4Dead spiritual successor - Back 4 Blood



Watched it and it sounds promising, now can we have a spiritual successor to Portal? Lol


I played Left 4 Dead 2 and Vermintide. It’s a fun concept.

I hope hope hope it has a single player that can be played offline.


the best spiritual successor for l4d that i see is vermintide 1-2
but looks great


Well, there’s QUBE.


Vermintide is lovely series. Though i got bored of both of them after ~60 hours . Needs some more end-game content because after a certain point there is nothing left to do there. Plus most DLCs they put out are pretty bad value .


Valve is retarded imho. They have gold mine of franchizes ( including Portal ) but chooses to do nothing with them. And while game franchize can be like a fine wine , some waiting time adds to the taste , after a while it will just go sour.


The Qube games are by no means good enough to be even remotely considered a “spiritual successor” to Portal. They dont have an intriguing hook that challenges you to alter your thinking, the “thinking with portals”-thing, the puzzle design is far too simple, the story is quite frankly boring and the “twist” is so obvious you’ll have it figured out hours before the game pulls it out and most damning of all the writing is horrible. None of the humour, none of the anything, that made Portal such a great game.

Is a better fit for the spiritual successor title. It’s made by some of the people who created Portal. Although they still fell far short of their previous success which was, I’m sure, in no small part thanks to people that valve brought into the project.


Isn’t Payday basically like L4D minus the long levels?


Big Oil took me two hours.

Payday 2 is more like if every single mission in L4D was either the escape sequences, the Dead Center finale, or getting the gun store survivor some cola.


the game not have updates or dlc ? i dont have it


valv have infinite money to make half life 2 espisode 3 and get 1000% worth


it would never live up to the hype, ever, so they have nothing to gain from doing that, so it will never happen


Oh I didn’t mean length as in the time it takes, but rather how L4D levels involved a lot less stationary combat than Payday (1) did



Did you have to send up every engine or something?