Layers of Fear--Free on Steam

Go get it folks! Free for limited time!

EDIT: Not the package, but the base game is free, but that shows up as the whole package when I put it in the OneBox.

By the way, if you click on it, it’s pretty funny looking price package that pops up:

Components: $4.99
Cost of package: $22.99



Oh I still have to try it … I miss some horror action lately. I think it was given away by humble bundle not that long ago too :slight_smile: that’s from where I have it anyway.

Edit: it seems humble bundle gave away the soundtrack too, which is 4.99$/Euro


I despise horror games. Does this game of jump scares :grimacing:, or really anything particularly TERRIFYING


Apparently, yes, yes it does… a lot.

The way I usually play these games is watching playthroughs, and scouting the thumbnails on the timeline so as to trying to spot the jumpscares and reading comments as well to be ahead of them, then I play the game, slowly, while taking note of where the jumpscares are.



I am not claiming responsibility for potential nightmares/fears/heebeejeebees you may experience as a result of this game.

Play at your own risk…

Sorry Nateninja if you can’t play this game, I don’t know what it’s like, but I imagine there are places that are really trying to mess with your mind.


thank you my dude.


I haven’t played a horror game in forever, and I usually handle them pretty well. It’s just that I don’t like how those types of games get in your head and just try as hard as they can to make a creepy, horrible experience. The only thing I fear from a horror game is the jump scares. And the creepy atmosphere just makes for a uncomfortable experience.
Sorry for rambling, just wanted to get that out there.


aaaaaand I paid money for this >.>


Maybe you can tell Nateninja if he should play the game, is it something he should play?


all horror games are things people should play @Nateninja21 fear is a human instinct and makes you stronger. there’s only a few games that can show you the jumpscare and the monster but still keep you scared about it, I personally dunno if this is one because as I have owned it ages I just haven’t played it yet xD I even think it was one of my suggestions in that recent steam event xD

also I think I know the kinda game you’re talking about, things like that russian train game right?

every video was a funny lets player