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Last time I will bumb this... I'm sorry!


You just lost "THE GAME"



Honestly why are we doing this again?


You just won the other game, because I just invented it. So remind yourself of its existence everyday and you‘ll win 24/7.
And since we‘re using memes from the mesozoic era the corresponding hashtag for the other game is #winning


Thank you



When did you start playing the game and how long did you last


dang it




The inevitable cannot be fought! Or is this just unavoidable?!



The game is life


You know the winners of the game are the ones who don’t know of it’s existence. Therefore the winners are the ones who do not even know how they won.


we good


My flawless victory streak in The Game just ended a few seconds ago. I thought it was nothing more than a dead meme so I never questioned it any further. A meme couldn’t be Wiki-worthy, though! I clicked the link out of curiosity and started reading… :expressionless:


At least we all know who won the Game of Thrones finally. :wink: And everyone seems really happy about it!