Last Day of June free on Epic Games Store

For 1 week from now of course.


OK, since no one has chimed in.

All Epic store thoughts aside:

Last Day of June bored me out of my skull. Now, this is coming from someone with sage patience with slow games. Boys and girls I can play “Watch Paint Dry: The Game” if it has cute graphics or an interesting back story. And yet, I gave up on Last Day Of June.

Mainly, I didn’t like the story. Not in the sense of “it’s weak” or “it’s boring,” no: it’s sad as all hell for some reason (I didn’t play enough to find out why exactly) and it felt gratuitously so. Have you ever watched a movie were they kill the dog for emotional effect? Yeah, like that. I don’t think the dog dies on this one, though.

Anyways. I can barely remember what the story actually was. I just remember feeling so darn UPSET I went “nah. I’m not playing this.” Never looked back. On top of that, it doesn’t have dialogues. It’s one of those games where you’re supposed to figure stuff out through body-language, visual clues, what have you.

Now, I ask you, how can a game that has no voice acting and no long strings of morose dialogue be boring??? I DON’T KNOW. I HAVE NO IDEA.

It’s like a bloody achievement.

So here is your game. Check.

Here are your cute graphics. Check.

Here is… some mechanics I guess. Check.

And here is SOMETHING GOING DEEPLY WRONG that just makes the game turn on its own arse and fall down a rabbit whole of please stop exposing me to this boringly dull nonsense story.

Now this is just my opinion. I guess Last Day of June has some kind of cult indie following and I bet it’s fun to some people but… here is the premise:

in this cinematic experience that will compel you to ask yourself: “What would I do to save the one I love?”

NOTHING YOU TRITE GAME. If they’re dead let them be! What is my bloody motivation to play this game if I don’t even agree with its premise?!

Jesus H Christ.

TL;DR: not fun.


I sense it’s not your kind of game of @coralinecastell. That’s cool. I like how pretty it is, but never played it, so hey the mechanics might be boring indeed.

It’s like our Woodle Tree in that way I guess, so darn pretty, but the mechanics not the most fun. It seem Woodle 2 has the same jump mechanic issue and then some. Pity. I actually found the Water level relaxing in the the 1st game, and then the next level happened, lol.

Back to Last Day, I guess the premise is pretty sappy and therefore, ‘done and dusted’ story wise. Hidden Object Games are pretty guilty of that mechanics and gameplay wise as well. SO is it still worth experiencing as its own unique work, maybe.

I happen to agree with you though, let the ones you lose rest. Some of the most tortured and unhappy people in stories have lost someone and then obsessed about it - doesn’t usually turn out well. Guess, Last Day is for those who say “Yes”, when you ask: “If you could turn back time, would you”?

PS: Just remembered that story The Time Machine - sad, no?


It’s not a hidden object game. It drinks from the point and click genre, filling it with cinematics. It’s more of an “interactive experience” than a proper game in most people’s books.

Mechanics wise, it’s my kind of game. It just isn’t my kind of story.

Well said.

Been some time since I read it. You just prompted me to reread it. Thanks for that. :blush:


This is most definitely my kind of game.
I love walking sims and puzzle games. What Remains of Edith Finch for instance is one of my favorite games of all time.

The game is SHIT.
It’s boring, bland, uninspired, boring, BORING, boring and more boring.
I have never in my life played a more boring “story driven” game in my life, and I’ve played tons of betas and alphas of walking sim games.
It’s just mindnumblingly boring and, to make it even worse, filled with annoying plotholes that we’ve learned to avoid in time travel stories before.
The game is utter and complete garbage from start to finish.
I can, quite literally, say I hate this game and everything it does.


I relate to this post on a spiritual level.

And thanks for adding the “plot holes” argument. Yes to this!


Dude, I’ve got to play this sometime just because I mean, man can it really be this bad?

looks at Woodle Tree Adv Herm, well, pretty pictures aren’t everything.

Also, time travel plotholes are usually wide enough to drive several semis through to be honest. I mean, Harry Potter, eh heh. Still a fan of the world, if not the characters (but we loves us some Snape).


The problem with the plotholes here is that they’re not used to drive the story, they’re simply bad writing. Sure, Back to the Future is all over the place, but it has a fun story and you go with it. Here, it’s simply used as a device with a bad story with no thought to it. It’s annoying and, again, booooooooooring.