Laptop screen

My current main home laptop screen has always had problems in the sense that it isn’t very nice on the eyes.
Whereas a lot of other laptops have been much better even if not perfect. I hardly can use it anymore.
I already did a lot of contrast changing, brightness adjustment which helped but there is still something wrong. It has this strange glow to it, not sure if that is a backlight or the type of lighting. Maybe it is cheap lighting which would suck considering it cost like 900 pounds.
Or a low level flicker.
It is an acer swift 5, I just wondered if anyone happened to know stuff about this kind of thing and could shed some light on the matter or has any suggestions about any other changes to help the screen. I’m just thinking about what to do with it.

I can’t return it anymore even if in warranty since nothing is actually wrong otherwise so my other options otherwise is to sell it, use it with another screen or just don’t bother with it much anymore and only use it very occasionally. It is a nice laptop so it is a shame to get rid of it.

Also if anyone know any laptops that are particulary good on the eyes or come with inbuilt application to control the screen etc. Might not get anything now but is useful to know.


You could try f.lux and see if that helps you, it is supposed to change your screen colour setup over the day to help with eye strain and fatigue. Never tried it myself but know a few people who swear by it.

Might be worth trying out.


I see that AMD has their own colour temperature setting but I think I might try out this out later.
Edit: as in the usual display settings there. Might dabble with it if many people recommend it
Edit edit: my laptop screen also has dull colours. I got used to it but displaying it on a TV is an improvement.


Have you try changing the gamma and digital vibrancy since that could possible help.


It might be gamma.

I’m not sure what your laptop includes, I’m assuming an intel processor with Iris Graphics. If you right click on the desktop, there should be an intel graphics control panel that you can open. This is different than display settings.

if you have already done that. Try display calibration. Access that by searching for “Calibrate” in the Win10 menu.


I’ve tried the screen display calibration thingy before it did help a bit but the screen still feels strangely off.
I did go on intel graphics control thing before but i wasnt sure what to change, I will have a look again though and check for gamma.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.