Know any refreshing games

I’ve been looking into some new games and am having trouble finding some really good ones. I’m willing to try any type of game, but I used to have the most fun in survival and competitive games. I’ve also had fun with games like skyrim. I really enjoy solo/story driven games but can’t find any new or refreshing solo games. So yeah thats why I’m at the point to try any type of games. So please post some of your favorite games but the odds are if its one of the big titles I already have it. Thanks anything will help.


I was going to mention Skyrim, but you already tried it… Did you try Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas??? I mean Fallout with mods… LOTS OF MODS ( laugh hysterically )…
Dying light is great as well… But I spent like thousand of hours on Fallout ( typically, ignoring the main quest and exploring the wasteland , creating a new story using mods )


i’m just gonna toss out some rando games for you to maybe browse a look at
(these does not necessarily constitute “new” or “refreshing” or a straight “recommendation”, but merely some rando suggestions, i could remember, that might be worth a look to some)


I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

Hail fellow wanderer of Skyrim. Might I recommend the zero cost excellent option? Well, I will anyway…



Mark of the Ninja deserves a spot on that list with or without my threat of violence.

It would of course be easier and make for a more narrow suggestion if we knew more about what you’ve played in the past and what YOU consider a great game though. But here’s a few recommendations from me.

Pretty old game by now where you run an item shop and sell things to the town folks and adventurers. You also get to hire adventurers to go dungeon diving and find stuff for you to stock your shelves with. Very charming and amusing title.

Fortune Summoners
A platformer RPG that I found very engaging a long time ago that I’ve never really heard people talk much about. It’s got a pretty large world to explore and an interesting story to follow.

Evoland 2
This is a classic JRPG with a great concept of travelling through time and thereby also the age of videogames. It also throws a lot of genres at you, at the core it’s a rather classic JRPG style, like old final fantasy or Dragons Quest, but it will regularly switch up to become a platformer, a strategy RPG, SHMUP and many other things. I found the game really amusing and it had me smiling almost throughout the entire game. It was a joy to play.

Dust an Elysian tale
Metroidvania platformer beat 'em up. An often overlooked little gem of a game. I can’t say much about it other than if you like those 3 sort of things this one does those very well.

Though it gets a little over shadowed by:

Hollow Knight
Do you like platformers? Do you like metroidvanias at all? Play this game! It is one of the best recent metroidvania titles to exist. It is no stranger to challenge and there are a lot of optional bosses that were outside the reach of my abilities but even then I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It’s ridiculously cheap for the amount of content offered, get it.

A collection of 3, now 4 point and click games very much in the vein of Monkey island but with Germans trying to write comedy. I found it quite an amusing experience, even if some of the jokes just gets lost in translation. It embraces the idea that point and click protagonists are sociopaths and just runs that to it’s natural conclusion, the “hero” of the story is thoroughly unlikable and irredeemable which many might find off putting but it’s a pretty solid point and click series in my opinion.

Shadow Warrior (2013)
An amazing game which I am surprised to find that many overlooked. DOOM gets praised to have brought FPS back to their roots of high speed carnage and destruction. Shadow Warrior did it 3 years prior and with one of the best first person melee systems I’ve ever had the joy of using. You slice and dice your way through demon hordes just for the fun of it only to find that they went and actually put a compelling story and some actual character development into the whole thing as well. This game has been ridiculously cheap on many occasions now, even given away for free a few times. So while it’s certainly still worth full price, I’d recommend waiting for a sale.

Well I mean it’s good too.

Quick list of games that don’t really need me vouching for them:
Metro 2033
Metro Last light
Batman Arkham Asylum
Ori and the blind forest.
ALL of the Witchers, all of them! yes they all have their issues but they’re all good games, bront.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is rly something different


Stardew Valley and Civ 6 is what I play when I just want to relax. If you’re good enough to win on Deity(max difficulty), it can get a bit frustrating though, because the AI is not very good, so instead they just get an insane starting advantage (3 settlers, 5 warriors and 2 scouts if I remember right, as opposed to your one settler and one warrior) on top of 40-80% boosts to everything.


I have only 2 words for this thread - Dark Souls




Might find something here…


Not exactly new, but if a good story is what you’re after, this is said to have one of the best stories of any Tales games. It has been on sale a few times in recent months for around $16.99 (and is actually on sale now in the Humble Store) and should keep you busy for quite a long time.


It’s an RTS, so I don’t know if you’d like it, but you don’t fight against units so it’s more like a puzzle game.


I know it was mentioned already, but that didn’t do the game justice: DYING LIGHT
This game is just so good and there’s so much to do and explore and there’s nothing more fun than kicking zombies off roofs, my gawd, it (the kicking) doesn’t ever get boring, the game gets boring after 50h+ sooo a big bang for your buck.


Only if you are up for a lot of frustration :no_mouth:


If you’re competitive I’d recommend two indie multiplayer games that are crazy fun. I figured you might not play many indies, so they’d be a change of pace.
Speedrunners and Duck Game. Both have active communities and really high skill ceilings. I invested about 17 hours in each game myself, so they should pass enough time for you to find your next big time eater!
I should probably something about the games… Speedrunners is Super Mario Kart, but as a 2D platformer and Duck Game is… uh… Do you know Super Crate Box? It’s like that, but as a competitive multiplayer.





I really enjoyed it.





Hardest game I have ever played, really addictive and fun! I just try to play it a little here and there. I have not progressed very far in this game myself, but I go back to it rather often. :slight_smile: