KnightShift key giveaway ( done )

Hello, I’ve a key of this game :

and I don’t want this game so post anything down here and I’ll randomly choose someone in 24H to give it .


I was wondering if I should buy it or not during the current sale. Giveaways are cool too thanks for doing this.

I would quite like it.

U can get a copy from here:

Seems like a great game. thanks and gl to all

Fun! I’d love a key. Thanks for doing this! Good luck, everyone!

Oh, that’s nice. I hope I can get the key

Hello. I don’t want the game either but I’ll gladly take it to make a random giveaway.

Hello again, fate has chosen retrobunny . Congratz !! I’ve send you the key in pm.

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Yay thanks. :slight_smile: