Kingslayer Bundle (Fanatical)

This looks pretty impressive for me at this price >
€5.29 (€177.90 without discounts)

14 days and 14 hours remaining at time of posting.


really not a bad bundle for the price
-but already own everything i think i’d be interested in from it :blush:

suppose there might be a dude/dudette out there that skipped over previous offers some of these were in and now have the chance to grab em :+1:


I skipped everything from those :rofl: but it’s good they give me 2 weeks of abusing steamgifts at first haha


This is a bit of a weird bundle, good one but weird. There’s a lot of value for the money here but you’ve got 2 old schoolish RPGs, 2 good starwars RPGs and one weaker action title, 2d fighting game out of absolutely nowhere, sim city 4 what? Where are we going with this?


yea feels almost like they just took a buckshot round to a game shelf, and went as wide as possible lol
“surely someone must be into at least 1 of these” :smile:


Pretty nice bundle.

I only want 2 games from there (KoF13 and MSX), so probably pass on my end.


I think it’s purely intentional. Let’s say you want a couple of games there, but you don’t really want others. You will think something along the lines of “Well, five bucks for those two games AND all this extra crap I don’t want it’s a good deal”. You don’t want those keys but they have some value, maybe pennies, but some, and that helps you make the decision because “you’re spending/buying smart”. Heck, you can even gift them or trade and look like they costed you quite money!

I would do it if I were selling and I’m a dumb fucker, so I assume these people have this trick and many many others.