Killing Floor 2 Giveaway!

Well, I’m going to do something a little weird here. I have a spare copy of Killing Floor 2, and no one on my Steam friends list wants it (most people already have it).

I got a spare key from Humble Monthly and I want to spread some love. I chose to do it here because this community has been pretty friendly and I’ve seen multiple giveaways from members on this site.

But here’s why it’s weird: I want to give this away to someone who can guess my favorite Shovel Knight characters. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is my favorite game right now. I want you to list what you think my top three favorite characters are from my favorite game. Number them 1-3, with my absolute favorite at the top. If you guess my #1 favorite character, you get 5 points. #2 is worth 3 points, and #3 is worth 1 point. The most points wins!

As a tiebreaker, tell me what your favorite game of all time is. In the event of a tie, I’ll choose the person whose favorite game I prefer.

Have fun!

This closes at 12:00 p.m. EST Saturday, and I’ll review your responses and announce a winner shortly after that.


Your favourite Shovel Knight character is undoubtedly Mark of the ninja and it just also happens to be my favourite game as well. So that was easy. :smiley:

  1. Baz
  2. Baz
  3. Baz?

Already got Killing Floor 2, but I just wanted to say that Specter is the best, even before he got his own campaign.
And Shovel Knight was crazy difficult and infuriating at times. Like Super Meat Boy. Highly praised, so you have to get it, but when you play it’s batshit hard!
Thanks for doing this! I hope the game find’s a worthy winner!

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Very nice of you to do a giveaway. I don’t want to enter but I will guess your favourite characters are:
1: Troupple King
2: Shovel Knights Shovel (specifically the handle, I think it’s such a meaningful and in depth character)
3: The kid in the town with the stick and hoop you can bounce off of (who doesn’t love that kid)

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Here’s my guesses, based on my personal favourites:

  1. Troupple
  2. Troupple acolyte
  3. Troupple King

Basically, anything Troupple…

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It’s difficult, but fair. If you’re crazy enough to go after all the achievements, yeah… infuriating is an understatement.

Take Checkpointless as an example, which asks you to destroy every checkpoint in each level and basically finish them without dying. And then, of course, you can decide to finish the entire game without dying. Or falling in a pit. And in less than 90 minutes.


Never played Shovel Knight so here are three random names pulled off the wiki. Heh.

  1. Plague Knight
  2. Troupple King
  3. Specter Knight

And I really liked Undertale. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the giveaway!


So I would guess
1.Specter Knight
the bio says it all:
Pros: Tattered crimson cloak, supernatural scythe, immortality
Cons: Overly sentimental, tries too hard to act cool
2.Troupple King
his dancing is just sooo adorable
3. Polar Knight
“Polar Knight: Hmph.”
“Shovel Knight: So, my old friend… The day has finally come.”
“Polar Knight: This will be our final duel.”
“Shovel Knight: Should we not lay down our shovels and part as equals?”
“Polar Knight: Hmph. The order has no equals. Surely you can recognize power. Join us.”
“Shovel Knight: You’ve forgotten our oath! What happened to the proud warrior I knew?”
“Polar Knight: Hmph! No more words. The bitter cold will claim you.”

One short dialog and you understand his relationship to Shovel Knight, the internal conflict they both face and why he apposes him. That’s what i call storytelling.

  • he wields a big ass Snow Shovel

My favorite game is maybe one of the original Halo games by Bungie, can’t really decide which one.

I would guess:

  1. Troupple King
    2.Specter Knight
  2. Black Knight
    Also I dont really have a favourite game, but if I HAD to name one it would probably be Fallout New Vegas :slight_smile:

Keep 'em coming!

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I’ll give boring answers: 1) Shovel Knight, 2) Plague Knight, 3) Specter Knight
Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time.

I guess:

  1. Croaker (He is my favorite)
  2. Baz
  3. Plague Knight

My #1 favorite game is the first Dark Souls game

  1. Plague Knight
  2. Tinker Knight
  3. Shovel Knight
    Probably Silent Hill 2

I loved the way you chose to make the giveaway, and despite never having played Shovel Knight, I’ll try my luck: P

  1. Black Knight Knight 2) Propeller Knight 3) Mr. Hat

A before I forget, my favorite game: Chrono Trigger


And it goes to Reever! intimid was very close, but unfortunately, I don’t have a consolation prize. Thanks to all the players!


i love these types of giveaways with weird little qualifiers :smiley_cat:
thx @op89x for doing this :thumbsup: and congrats to @Reever :clap:


wait so what were you fav characters @op89x?

  1. Plague Knight
  2. Mona
  3. Shield Knight

It was hard to rank them, but that’s where I landed. It came down to the tiebreaker for the competition.