Killer is dead is free on Humble Bundle

I advise all of you to go and grab one key right now if you don’t have one already. That game is real fun. And is a work of the creator of No More Heroes 1&2 that I really enjoy on the Wii


Link to the game on humble:


Neat! I’ve had this wishlisted pretty much since it was released, but never ended up getting it mainly due to it being Windows only. Can’t say no to that price though, even if I currently don’t have access to a Windows gaming computer.

Thanks for telling us about this!

Do these keys expire?

You have to redeem from Humble by a certain date but if you get the key and hang on to it, can it still be activated on Steam in say a few months?

Used not to, but now it does.

Note: You must redeem your free Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition key by 10AM Pacific on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017!

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I wasn’t clear, I know there is a redeem by date on Humble but if you get the key before that date can you hold on to the key for a couple months and still activate it on Steam?

All that I can find is that you have to redeem the key i.e. get the key from Humble, by that date. Nothing about its activation but the wording is just vague enough that I don’t know if they mean to imply you must activate by that date too.

the key will “vanish” from your humble account after the expiration date
whether or not if you manually write it down and will be able to redeem it later past date i don’t know (since keys can easily be made invalid tho, so i’m gonna guess not)

The best games on the Wii!

Killer is Dead is pretty damn good too. I haven’t played through the pc version but people should definitely grab it.

I love this game, but the creepy missions where you stare at girls really detract from the rest of the game, in my opinion. That might turn some people off. Of course, it’s hard to complain about a free game, so…

Well I was on the fence to get it before but now you’ve convinced me!