Killer Bundle 13

It’s ya boi, with a new bundle

Also this, so make sure to save some money, we don’t know if a really worthy bundle is about to come.

Talking about the bundle itself, I HIGHLY recommend torchlight 2 (And the first one) it’s a really good game if you like the action RPG and hack and slash genre, reminds me all the time I spend on FATE in my childhood



Decent bundle if you don’t own the two Torchlight games. I only wanted F1 2019 from it so i have it in my collection, so i’m happy i found someone who sold it for pretty cheap. :slight_smile:


IMO Torchlight 1 is not really worth it if you have 2, the games are so similar (IMO) and the second is just more polished. Not like it’s a bad game, just a strictly worse one to the sequel


$5 for F1 2019, I’ll take it.


Yea, I went O_O at the Steam Price. Also have Torchlight I and II, and Shadows Awakening, but other 2 games would still make this well worth it (pending research). I know someone here enoyed OFD 2, maybe @YQMaoski


The arcade nature of OFDP and OFDP2 just make them fun games with simple controls, but with enough of a difficulty curve to make it a challenge. There are some ridiculous aspects of OFDP2 that’s more so than the first game, and the animations are better. Well, more frames anyway. As for looking for expertise in these games, I would have to point to @Pylinaer, who shows some video footage of him kicking butt in the first game. The second game is made a little bit easier maybe, I think, if I remember correctly. I think the game has a bit more forgiveness.