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Kholat Free on Steam


Kholat Steam store link (b/c the OneBox doesn’t work when games are temporarily marked as free)

@Rilover, @Rartne, and @Koroth, you 3 are fellow Chronies who are on my friendlist who have it wishlisted. :slight_smile:


Was going to post this as well :smiley:


took it, thanks for sharing


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Saw it pop up on one of my steam groups and grabbed it, spoopy game! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I got it too! Thanks!


Got it!!! Thanks so much @YQMaoski!!!


This must have been given away for free before because i already have it and i don’t buy games like this.


The game is “based” on the “Dyatlon Pass Incident” :ghost:, so here’s a nice video, just so people know what this game “setting” is.

Be warned, although not related to the game at all the video pretty much goes through the story and evidence of what is known and ends with a pretty reasonable conclusion of what most likely happened, leaving you wondering how on earth people got carried away with all the mystery BS that things like this generate, again.

So although technically not a spoiler, it may feel like one for some.


Thanks @YQMaoski I almost bought this during the steam sale …. glad I didn’t buy it now :grinning: