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(KF2) Looking for people to play with!


Hi and welcome ya’ll.
I’m Punk but you can call me Punko :rofl:
I’m a lonely gamer (I CRY EVRITIEM :cry::sob:) so I’m looking for new people to play with me one of my favorite games, Killing Floor 2.
I also like to trade and talk a-lot of nonsense as I play so If you’re up to a weird (but FUN) gaming exprience, Do you own Killing Floor 2? Then what are you waiting for, write down a comment and let’s play!!


Well you are like 2 years late to a party :smiley: I’ve used to play it a lot but that’s a history. Very good game though .

P.S Can i call you Pinky?


I agree, It’s a very good game indeed for those who like COOP and challenging gameplay, especially when
played with friends and of course you can’t, @DontBeSilly man!


I’m terrible at this game but slightly interested if you wanna carry me hahaha


Sure thing, I’m always happy to play with other people and help them improve :alien:
PM me your steam name and I’ll add you.


Lets get some dosh lads


I’d be super down for this. I want to get into KF2, but hate playing games alone!



Did somebody say kf2???


Feel free to add me bois but i wont be able to play kf2 till i finish renovating my room :frowning: