Kerbal Space Program : Strap yourself on booster and hope for the best.

KSP is a Space Sandbox game set in a Solar System similar to ours. You objective is your own, make rockets, planes, or any cool fantastical vehicle you can think of.

It’s a game that you can sink many hours into unleashing your creativity.

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This is a game I wish I had more patience (and time!) for. I blew up a bunch ok Kerbals trying to get into a stable orbit. :frowning:

Me too, me too. The worst is I’ve got this gifted and I just… I just can’t handle simulations. I just built rockets, hoping for the best, but I couldn’t get anything to orbit. I watched dozens of tutorials and still failed miserably. :S

I have played it sporadically, but the thing is I am just not very good at it :sweat_smile: I have a friend who manages to send rockets to the outer planets, and the best I’ve done so far is send a Kerbal to the Mun.

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