KB4482887 for Windows 10 1809 causes game performance issues

Not going to say anything…:zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve noticed it bogs the performance of the entire OS down by a lot. It has become so slow and clunky that it is acting like it is on 10 year old hard all around, it is extremely strange. And this is on a new install freshly updated.

Clearly something is wrong with the update.


Uninstall only this update and pause them for like 30 - 40 days. It wasn’t pushed yet for me (usually 1-2 weeks pass before my windows finds the new updates and this is probably regional thing) and when I see such info (thanks @delenn13) I pause for 45 days and never had an issue with them. I can pause for 1 year, but never even considered it, because I like most of the new improvements that they do.


Well I guess there’s an other reason for me to stay on version 1803.


This is a good example of why i don’t want forced updates. The whole “it’s for your own good” mentality doesn’t hold when there’s cases like these and the people in charge need to understand this.


Sure enough, my computer already ran the update.

This is probably the fourth or fifth update to break games for me… I’m starting to lose count at this point. It’s not that the mentality of “it’s for your own good” doesn’t hold, it’s that it never held to begin with. MS has ignored this since the beginning for all the problems it’s caused, and with the damage some of these updates have done, gaming is the least of your worries.


It’s not just MS. I’ve experienced forced updates with Google (Android voicemail), Amazon (my Fire tablet), and Opera browser. While Mozilla doesn’t force updates, it will nag you to death to update Firefox. The thing is, i search on how to disable these forced updates (or constantly nagging about it) on their support forums/pages and the response is always the same, “why on Earth would you NOT want updates as soon as possible, that’s insecure and this is for your own good.”


After seeing this, I’m glad that I pushed the update back when my computer asked. Too many times these updates have broken some of my games…I’ll wait until the kinks have been worked out before updating.


Now fixed