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Kathy Rain Free on Steam (Next 24 Hours)


Steam store page link because the One Box doesn’t work with the temporarily made “Free” pricing.

Hope those of you who have missed out in the past can now get it! :smiley:

Screenshot of the ending time:

Those of you from my FL who still want to have this game, go get it! @AcornAvenger, @AHMEDJXZ, @GrimtheGilded, @Piraten88, @KittiBear, @GodDamnZambie.


Got the same people on my list also…:+1:t3:


Pixel art, good ratings, pixel art, free for a limited time, pixel art… yeah, that’s enough reasons to click.



Really nice game :slight_smile: Liked it enough to get 100% achievements in it.


This was actually on my wishlist! Awesome ^^


rip last night :frowning:


Grabbed. Thanks guys. Good looking out. :heart:


Strongly recommended. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Kathy Rain has an elaborate and interesting story to tell, that goes beyond what you expect. That paired with a masterful mood makes for a well-rounded game. Some of the game’s themes involve religion and drug abuse, and they are handled with masterful writing and tactfulness.

Kathy has something for everyone who is interested in the p&c genre: a good mystery, an interesting arsenal of characters, beautiful and detailed locations, involving dialogue and, above all else, smart puzzles. Nothing like “combine a banana with a piece of shoe gum and some rope to make a slingshot”.

If any of you are looking for a solid and short p&c experience (and possibly a quick 100%), Kathy Rain is definitely one of my top recommendations.

If I recommended it at full price, you can now all be sure I’m basically throwing the game at your general direction for free.


This is a brilliant game, and Kathy is a super character. You should actually play it.


Oh yes yes yes… One more game up the queue :joy: thanks… I have NOW ±800 +1 Games that u should play before the list get even bigger lol.


i totally played it :smirk:
*cough freecards*cough :crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue:

-i’ll add it to the list tho :blush::+1: