Katana Zero

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, macOS

The game was developed by Askiisoft (which I’ve never heard of) and published by Devolver Digital which is known for great games such as Hotline Miami, Broforce, and The Messenger (which I have not played, but would love to). Many of the games that are published by Devolver Digital are incredible games and worthy of anyone’s time. I myself am quite excited for this release because I remember seeing it back earlier and thought the game looked amazing and incredibly fun. If you like gore, samurai’s and 2d platformers, check this game out. Yes that description was extremely cliche and cheesy, but I do not care. :grin:




The game looks SO GOOD. My monthly gaming budget is already over unfortunately, but I’m going to buy it next month. Not going even to wait for the first sale (as I always do, even with the games I want the most). The screenshots show that it will be a great experience - not only bc of the gameplay, but story-wise, too. It looks clever, imaginative and fresh.

Also, I like how annoyed this guy looks.


with how things have been recently it might already be on sale next month