Katamari Damacy REROLL

Holy shite!!! :pray::poop::exploding_head: I have absolutely no clue how I did not know that this existed, in this incarnation. Besides the fact that it literally went “live” on Steam @7:00pm EST, only today have I caught word of it due to game journalism. Katamari Damacy was the very first video game that I taught my daughter how to play and bonded over, back when she was a wee lassie. Going forward I used this game as an introduction to video games when I dated or met non-gamers, converting many. Much to my pain, I lost several hard copies of this game due to gifting or the disk getting scratched from being handled by careless people… LULZ… said daughter included. Story time is over, I just wanted to share the fact that this game is out there now. Have a phenomenal morning/day/night, Chronies :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Welp on the wishlist it goes! I’ve been wanting to play Kataimari Damacy for years.


the Katamari franchise is always good, clean fun - great memories.


Another game for the WL… this is so very exciting… The original game is the reason that I have a PS2 hooked up still to this day, at any moment.