Just got a 80% off coupon for Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Has anyone tried it out? I have a huge backlog of games in steam (like 400 games), but the price, 2,50€, its really tempting.

I loved Knights of Pen & Paper back in the day, but Chroma Squad was a little meh. So I have mixed feelings. Also Im not that fond of science fiction. I dont dislike it, but a prefer fantasy


Just so people know what it is Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 on Steam


Basic psychology. You see a good deal and feel tempted to buy it solely for that reason. Nothing wrong with it, we‘ve all been there, but 2,50€ just to add it to a pile of untouched games is a waste of money. I bet when this gets bundled you‘ll pay the same, probably even less, and get some more games along with it. Resist the urge.


Looks like a cool game if you ask me, but because of the space theme I’d pass.

Still 2,5 is cheap. Yet, are you really going to play it? if you’re certain, you should buy it. If you aint, just leave it :man_shrugging:



Yup… Immediate play or long time wish, then leap! If not, there’s always another sale. :slight_smile:

Advice from one addicted to shiny games and spiffy craft tools. Hee hee.


Well, yeah, I have very little self restrain while on sales, so I think I’m going to pass :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the advices @DownwardConcept and everyone else!