Johnny B Truant is Giving Away his NEW Book Releases for 30 Days

I think we will keep this separate from the Book Recommendations thread because it is a giveaway for 30 days for ALL Johnny B Truant’s book releases. Yep! I said 30 days. So we can use this thread to remind everyone to get it.

@sewcraftyme sent me one of his newsletters. I signed up for his newsletter and I got a free book … Conundrum.

At the bottom of this page is where you can sign up for his newsletter.

Here’s a copy of the newsletter she sent me…

Hey there!

In a two weeks, I’m going to release my first new book of the year: a huge sci-fi mindbender called Pattern Black. But here’s the thing: It’ll cost you nothing. It’s $0.00. Gratis. Nothing down and zero payments … as long as you get it within the first 30 days. (It’ll go up to its usual price after the first 30 days.)

I’m not talking about “borrowing” it through Kindle Unlimited, by the way. This book isn’t in KU. Instead, it’s available on pretty much every online bookseller I can find — B&N, Apple Books, you name it. So we’re talking about TRULY free, not “sorta.”

What’s more, I already have another new release (an action adventure, Truant style) lined up for next month, and that one will be handled exactly the same.

But see, there’s a very good REASON I’m doing this — a very good reason for why I will (for the foreseeable future) release all of my new books without cost.

It’s not because I don’t think I can sell them.

It’s not because I don’t think they’re any good.

And it’s not because they’re short, quickie throwaway books that took me no time at all to write. Pattern Black, in fact, was one of the hardest books I’ve written. It took several times longer than most of my books … and it’s not short; it’s actually quite long.

But there IS a reason. I recorded a video for you to explain it all: which books this covers, the details of how and when and what … and most importantly: WHY.

(Go on. Click the link. You know you’re curious what I look and sound like anyway, if you don’t already know.)

Enjoy the video, enjoy the gratis books, and happy reading!



He thinkie good book and giving away for free? Can we pet him?


What gamer has time to read a book!? Have you seen our backlogs?!! :sweat_smile:


Very interesting strategy. Having one’s books picked up for a TV series or a movie must be very lucrative for him to shoot for versus losing normal book sale profits. It will be interesting to see if he has success with this strategy, which would be pretty cool. :sparkles:


/whispers…But we got a book club too… :shushing_face:


More of my silly humor:

“I’ve often wondered, if a Star Trek fan is called a Trekkie, should a book reader be called a Bookie?” :nerd_face:


Thanks! :+1:


I wouldn’t bet on it. :wink:


If writing books is now just a means to land a TV deal, it’s sad testimony of visual media obliterating the textual.


If I watch something and I like it and I see it’s based on a book, I will either get it right away or put it on a list to get later. So once it’s out there he will get more readers also.


You should have gotten an email a couple of days ago, if you signed up for it. Make sure you get his first book out that is free… Pattern Black.

I sent you the book’s cover last week (it’s really cool) as well as the description (“The Matrix meets Escape From New York”), so I won’t bog this email down by giving them to you again. Let’s just say it’s a mindbending sci-fi thriller and leave it at that.

I got it on Amazon and Kobo.


Got this in my email…

A quick note from Jen Turrell from Sterling & Stone to let you know that the new Nolon King & Johnny B. Truant book The Target is still free today, but will be reverting to it’s paid price of $4.99 in 3 days, on March 14th. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, click here to get it quick, before the price goes back up!

If you have already read it, or are in the process of reading it, please help spread the word by leaving a review.

Jen Turrell
Sterling & Stone