John Wick(Unofficial) is Free on

I guess it’s just free. Not sure.
Found this bit of advice from RPS:
“It’s obviously not a complete or comprehensively tuned game, but it’s impressive what a third party can do with a good sprite sheet and a few 8-bit tracks. There’s not much subtlety to it, with simple two-button NES style controls, but there’s a nice rhythm to dodging sniper fire and crouching behind parked cars…While a cute piece of work, it could still do with a little more tuning. On Normal difficulty, enemies do brutal amounts of damage. While generously checkpointed, it does feel like jumping straight into the deep end of the NES-era pool. The gamepad controls are also a bit weird, seemingly not rebinding properly and mapping movement to the left analogue stick. I’d suggest unplugging any controller first and using the more configurable keyboard controls. Not ideal, but still better.”

Need to start adding this for @Buzzyboii:

Windows only…Sorry!:disappointed:


Windows only…


ty for the heads up though :((


Gonna try to remember to do that. We have people that only use Linux too. I dual boot Linux and Win7.


Usually if it’s free for a limited time there’ll be a place for a price and it will say 100% off. It looks to me like this game has no price and is just free.


You catch the viruses and MIM attacks with outdated Win7 and then use Linus to fix shit hahaha :joy::crazy_face:


Been on the interwebs since 1994. Ran 5 IRC channels for over 10 years and programmed my own channel bot. Never had a virus. :tada:


Dang you’re bad@$$!

Also this is based off of tribute video turned real?! How deep does this rabbit hole go?! Gimme the pill and let’s go on a breathtaking adventure!


I can be…If I need to be :heavy_heart_exclamation:

If anyone is interested, they updated the download fix the controllers.


Worth noting, if you shoot really close, it does extra damage (I’m guessing double). Sort of a melee move… But shooting. You’ll know you did it right when you shoot downwards. It’s also useful for enemies that have the brains to… Crouch.

That and the credits is a survival mode. As in, you literally fight while credits are scrolling. I can only get to the last enemy, but I’ve never beaten it despite beating the main game on hard difficulty.