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Jeg savner dig kompis...



I wanted to ask about @Gnuffi too actually. Is he travelling? Hasn’t been on Steam in a while either…


Dette burde få dig til at føle dig bedre


All I know!


Nå derefter så gætte jeg jeg vil se dig, når jeg ser dig …

(google translate still sucks; pretty sure “derefter så gætte” is not a correct construction, though I wouldn’t know (nor “jeg jeg vil”; now that I look into it I’m sure of that, lol; this whole sentence probably doesn’t make much sense as is, lol), but it’s the only way i get it to translate it back to English as I intend it)


aww, :blush:
i appreciate the sentiments, (and gogol transluxtations :smile:), i have indeed been “off”, for the past week, nothing ominous
been super swamped, missed many coin days too :disappointed:, and neglected checking in. Even started to think i might end up losing my Regular status in the upcoming weeks if i keep it up like this :grimacing:
will see how it goes, i’m in&out next couple of weeks too, but hopefully i’ll manage to pop in and get a meme status update at least :wink:
Hope y’all are doing well, and aren’t gonna burn the house down :+1:
(when i couldn’t connect to chrono for a moment i thought you all might’ve been so rowdy the servers broke, -turns out my phone was in travel mode :rofl:)


Hold on! @Gnuffi…you are from Denmark? I must figure out a way to siphon the knowledge of your native language from you! :rofl:

Glad to know everything is okay though. I have also been noticing your absence on Chrono lately and was wondering.


Hvad i fanden er en “kompis”? Har heller ikke selv rigtig været på Chrono den sidste lange uge. Men lagde mærke til at du manglede på Steam @Gnuffi, og håber ugen har været rigtig hyggelig, hvad end du nu har lavet. :smirk: