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it's the Wallet depression season once again


Steam has no mercy, enjoy


no no no. That’s the Christmas sale.


steam “include season” sales are wallet depression season :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the real seasonal spirit :+1:




I’m probably going to pick up The Last Day of June.
It’s hard to pass up a game with Steven Wilson making the soundtrack.


I don’t think I’ll buy any games unless I get some 90% off


When i woke up, one of my wishlisted games was 60% off. Now it’s been changed to 50% off. :crying_cat_face: I already have too many games though so maybe it’s for the best.


Wow, tempting! Crossing Souls and High Hell are dirt cheap, but these Steam bucks were hard to come by. Not sure if I want to spend 'em on those. :thinking:


I know I said I’d go for it at 90% off, but Spheroids is only 88% off so it’s a hard pass for me