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It's Still 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Woodboy looks fun, but only 5 days? I’d cry! Majora’s Mask hurt for that 3 day limitation thing… don’t think I could stand the feels.


Yes, there were years were it lead nowhere, but Ryzen was not one of them. Nexus is generally a place you can trust for example. These people are exceptional nerds for these things, and there were benchmarks for several of these CPUs before Computex which were still surprising (and that was before they had x570 motherboards etc). So yea, if you see sites like Nexus Gamers or whatnot making a surprised stink out of this new line, it means something. Of course you’ll probably see them say “don’t pre-order until you see benchmarks” but that goes without saying. :sweat_smile:

Yea, the other high ends have TDP of 100w, but the value kings were 3700 and below, which beat out Intel’s current high ends in price and power and core. My i7-8700k has a TDP of 95w, mind you, and far less punch to it. :relaxed:

HT being disabled on a growing number of Intel’s CPUs is a common theme now though. Sure some still have it, but they’re trying to phase it out it seems. the i5-9600K, i5-9400F, and i7-9700K for example do not have it.

Intel themselves once acknowledged HT improved performance by 30% when comparing two identical PCs. The ability to have your cores, especially your expensive i7 or i9, to split and do two things simultaneously is a must have. If some sites say that consumers don’t need it, I call bull. They’re the people recommending PC builds to people that cost $1000 with i3s in them. SMT allows for your CPU to tackle a process more efficiently and quickly, and that is always good for the consumer to have and is a great benefit.

Well not much of a surprise at this point, but not a big enough deal breaker for me. However, not paying $60 for it, that’s for sure.


CPUs are not replaced often. That’s true. But you need to remember that Intel has had basically no competition from before Bulldozer to Ryzen. IIRC, bulldozer was a big disappoint in the market. Thus, Intel had gotten all the CPU replacements in the years before Ryzen. Ryzen changed that landscape. This release is actually really good. You’re saying the consumer doesn’t care. Well if we want to be frank about it, it’s the support that matters. It’s the problem Linux has. Thing is, Ryzen restored people’s hope in AMD. So now there is a lot more support for Ryzen 3000. And that’s important.

I’ve got a few more comments. But I save those for when I’m at my computer.


HT varying/not being present was pretty normal on non i7’s tho
and it’s not that they said you don’t “need” HT, it was Intel that said it wasn’t necessary to disable for security on existing(dowplaying the zombie scare),
-and sites have been doing HT on/off gaming comparisons multiple times, with the similar results, the one i linked was just the most recent, “because zombieload” had popped up, making it a bit more relevant to do “now”. But it showcased the same results we’ve seen before, even if an increasing amount of games is able to utilize it on low core with HT than maybe 5 years ago, but also that for a bunch of games still it wasn’t even impactful at all, less so if already on 6 cores .
^gaming-wise not about to other tasks/use

had you gotten the i9(assuming you went 87k for $) it would have been comparable to the 3800x, which sports the same tdp, the 3700x is a bit of an outlier it seems with those 95 TDP still being “normal” for higher end stuff (which surely the 87k is)

aaanyways, feel like we are “clogging” up the thread with these side rails :smile: , maybe if we continue drooling about AMD/lamenting Intel’s advancement it’s better fitting in another thread?


apparently this is something?



You mean like the computex thread? Or a new one?


ye was thinking that might be a bit more fitting :sweat_smile:


yup :yum:, added it :blush:


Oh look, there is another Five Nights at Freddie’s. I thought that game series died a few years ago.


Those of you familiar with Plug & Play, may I present to you…


Art guy behind Viridi, Eidolon, etc.

@GeekInUndies been waiting for this. Have you bought/played?


@coralinecastell The TL;DR, is worth the purchase. Below, I will unpack that statement…

While visiting some of my mates from college yesterday, I got a chance to play around with it a wee bit. Actually, I had time to play both KIDS & PLUG & PLAY. These two “experiences” are short and progress through a series of vignettes. Visually the art style of both games though bordering on the minimalistic side of the spectrum are beautifully simple. To be bluntly honest though, in my opinion the games are a “one and done” single-player experience with very little incentive to revisit after completing… except possibly for nostalgia months or years later. That said, they are great games to share with friends and family of nearly all age groups; not to mention afterwards the discussions that can be had about what meaning or message one thought was being conveyed, if any.

I hope that answered some if not all, the questions that you may have had.

EDIT: To clarify the scenario before any questions are raised… I played these games at a friends house, on said friends PC and Steam account. I followed/wish-listed the games on my account for a future purchase. The Steam Summer Sale is right around the corner, I figured I would hold off on any Steam purchases till then in order to maximize potential discounts and/or the acquisition of trading cards. :dollar: :money_mouth_face: :dollar:



so much drugs in one trailer holly


Hot damn, we finally got a release date fam!!!


just saying, the other one that did this, didn’t really super impress much, so not like the bar is set high, :sweat_smile:


From Mojiken, the developer that gave us A Raven Monologue and She and the Light Bearer, comes…

When the Past Was Around tells a bittersweet tale between a girl and a beast in a surreal world consisting of disjointed rooms from memories and time. With each clues gathered, puzzles solved, and doors unlocked, the girl will find her way, unraveling the secrets between her and the beast, the secrets which she used to know.

@coralinecastell I saw this in my Steam activity feed and instantly thought of you. NO HETERO, not creepin’.


This is PERFECT for me, actually! I play the violin :violin:!

You’re spot on. Thanks for thinking of me! :hugs:

And don’t worry, we can be gay together. It ok :rainbow:


2 new games
one is published by the best publisher in the world;Devolver digital

the second is indie like battleblock theater but so different


And i’m here just sitting,not hyping anything while waiting for games to just get released and buying them if they are good … silly ol’ me :smiley: