It's 2024 - Time to Hype New Releases or something

You knew this thread would show up eventually.

What are y’all looking forward to this year? Unlike 2018, there’s actually a lot of upcoming titles, especially in the AA sphere… and a surprising number of releases coming in just a few months, actually.

So, without further ado, it’s time to hype some games…


Two words: Spelunky 2. To bad no store page yet and no announced release date…

Otherwise, I am pretty excited to be diving into Feudal Alloy soon, having just received my press/review copy today. I love metroidvanias, hopefully this will be a blast.


Jo-Mei (developer) partnered with Electronic Arts (publisher) , EA is the DEVIL… but I am still really hyped for this game.


There’s a good bunch I’m excited for, but i don’t wanna flood it with titles. This is also the only game I’m truly HYPE for:

Fight Knight! Rad-as-hell dungeon crawler with a heavily stylized art style.

There’s also the free demo on if you’re wondering how it feels.



Probably rated as Sekiro >> Resident Evil 2 >> Monster Boy >> DMC 5 with Indivisible last simply because it could be terrible.

Edit - you know what, who am I kidding, hype/anticipation to read about how good they are and wish for them, but I haven’t bought a new game in…ever???


Portal 3 and half life vr or both vr


omg a new monster boy!!!




On mobile so no links but:

Tales of Vesperia
Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass
Metro Exodus
And I forgot the last one.


Kingdom Hearts III of course, and potentially, maybe, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

This is going to be just a bit long.

I’m really looking forward to this Pokemon inspired game.

One Piece: World Seeker

Days Gone

Shenmue III

Babylon’s Fall

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (please be good?)

If we’re good little children, Horizon: Zero Dawn II and of course maybe Cyberpunk 2077!


Thought i remembered seeing an Imgur post about this. I was correct.


Alright, throwing my own hat in the mix. Time to confuse everyone!

Psychonauts 2

I’m not without concerns, but what I’ve seen of it is great and it has to be said… Psychonauts 1 and RoR is a masterpiece. I even went back and played Rhombus of Ruin again last week, no regrets there. I guess it’s worth mentioning that the ONLY reason why I ever looked into VR is because of Rhombus of Ruin.

Psychonauts is an action platformer with some top-tier storytelling, and arguably Tim Schafer’s greatest work. Everything down to the worldbuilding, sometimes-abrasive characters (especially early on), and even the level design itself tells a twisted story about characters that have buried pasts and trauma they hide from the world.

It also has to be said… even after playing Rhombus of Ruin, seeing all these characters from the original return in a modern engine, it’s amazing seeing it all in a modern scenario. There’s no visual discrepancy at all, they look identical to their previous appearances… just better. The Unreal Engine 4 lighting and production value combined with that distinct look of Psychonauts is just a sight to behold.

This game doesn’t have a Steam page yet, but it’s due for early this year. I’m going to link the first trailer instead…


You knew the jank was coming up eventually. Greedfall is the latest game by the Technomancer/Bound by Flame developers, Spiders-- a French AA team that’s been making BioWare-y RPGs full of ups and downs. Having played most of their games, they’ve been slowly evolving and mastering their craft, and I have a VERY good feeling about their latest game.

It’s a weird take on the colonization era with nature-monsters and magic. Not too much info yet, but it seems like you’ll be stuck between finding a cure for your homeland’s plague on the island or turning against some generals that step a bit over the line.

Unfortunately, we aren’t getting any more info about it until next month.

Crackdown 3

Honestly, I don’t even feel like going in depth about this. It’s just going to get delayed again. Also, it has Terry Crews now.

The singleplayer footage I’ve seen looks like… well, modern Crackdown. I want to be excited for it, but it’s already been six years. Why hurry to release it now?

Resident Evil 2 REMake

Honestly, nothing I say will do this justice. It’s everything RE2 aspired to be thematically, done with modern tech and fan-favorite perspectives.

If you’re a little on edge about how the over-the-shoulder perspective would do in a horror game, well… you should definitely be on edge, but not about that.


25 days left until KH3 is maybe finally released. I’ve (no joke) waited half my life for this… and I doubt it’s gonna live up to that wait but I’m quite excited anyway.:sweat_smile:

The only other game I know I’m looking forward to is Team Sonic Racing. Say what you want about main games but their dumb spinoff racing games have always been excellent.
And maybe DMC5 will be pretty cool too.


you should all be ashamed of yourselves :triumph:



Oh I’m not pre-ordering, there’s still a chance that all of mine include e-cancer or aren’t good. Those are just the ones that I’m interested in.


Okay actually



Have no fear, it’ll be great! What KH game, beside -shudder- ReChain of Memories was not 100% great? And that was on inferior hardware and under extreme limitations. Worlds should no longer be extremely linear and short, which means we should be getting a KH game where Disney worlds are given a larger depth, more akin to their movies.

Like Frozen for example. KH3 had Frozen before Frozen was even released as a movie. It is probably going to be enormous, and if not in exploration/non-linearness, story wise (probably still in stages but eh).


Chain of Memories isn’t bad, though… is it?

I mean, Re:Chain has some split opinions, but I can see what they were going for. The GBA game was a weird one that didn’t play like Kingdom Hearts at all, and they tried to sort of backport it into KH. It’s a commendable experiment, even if its execution is a bit flawed.

Anyway, it’s not nearly as bad as something like MGS Peace Walker HD, where not having the platform’s limitations makes the game completely fall apart due to constant load-walls and mediocre level design.


Been waiting forever for this. Glad its finally happening!