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It's Still 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


oh no every publisher publish a videogame platform
its happening the end of the game


I plan on making a few small games this summer! Nothing too big, just tiny platformers for myself to learn how to make games! They’ll be free and either be hosted on or my own site lol


I don’t think I’ll be playing it, but i certainly would have a couple of years ago; and it’s a pretty cool concept I guess:


This game is coming out of Early Access today, it’s a roguelite twin-stick shooter/dungeon crawler with a really odd twist. You pick up items that give you negative status effects, and you have to bring them to the shop to get something good out of it.

Handicap yourself to where you can tolerate it, but if you do it too much, it most certainly spells death.

I just tried it for the first time, played for 30 minutes and recorded myself dying repeatedly. lol…

I did make it past the first boss, which apparently has not been beaten by many of the Early Access players, I don’t know why:

The video is not ready yet, but will soon be, at this link:

Edit: It’s ready! :smiley:


ty for revive this thread


I may not be able to play in the near future but I sure hope that if you do, you have a wonderful time. This looks like it’s going to be one of the best of the year. :blush:


I’m hyped for this one! Still gonna wait a bit before the price goes down, but gonna play it for sure!


Once I do a bit more research I am going to have a lot of discussion about the ‘darkest hours of history’ bit. I imagine (as the game seems to be about an American) the game is going to cover either Yellow Fever or perhaps dysentery. . . But the rat on the logo I guess means good old Y. pestis



don’t know why, i just can’t get excited about jrpg’s :smile:
they are so fundamentally unappealing to me and just seem so super boring in their core loop
i might have been the only one on the planet totally unphased/“meh” on the announcement of sqeenix FF"something" remake that nearly increased the heart attack rate among millennials by 9001%


I knew the price would be high, but oof

Ill wait for the 90% OFF



I was a bit shocked about the price to. Checked out the nintendo switch price but that is €54,99 so also high.


Video rated M for Mature.

@missiloon yeah it’s pricey. I think this is one of the few times I’ve seen steam more expensive than switch.


not an American, Amicia, a French girl, and her brother; and it’s about the Black Death


They stopped doing the credits animations and joke stuff when they moved over to youtube? That’s a shame those were always good.


Shovel Knight’s Treasure Trove is coming to a completion. As it did upon leaving early access prices will again rise soon so this current sale will be your last chance in a good long while, most likely, to get hold of this excellent game for a very reasonable price.

You could of course buy it on steam for 11,49€

Or if you’re someone who thinks steam really need a good competitor how about you turn to one that is both action conscientiously AND actually tries to compete in a way that benefits the customer. Not trying to force you into using their platform by not giving you a choice, but offering the same products for often a little less. But they’re also offering alternative benefits, like downloading the games free of DRM. They’re also competing with steam by trying to provide everything that steam does.

Do you want a client that tracks game time, achievements and what your friends are playing? Gog got that! Do you want forums, user reviews, wishlists and profiles? Gog got that! Solid money back guarantee? GOG GOT THAT! Do you want chinese ownership that could potentially use the store for their own gains? Sorry you’ll have to look elsewhere for that. Most things steam does, gog does too, some things better.

So to all the weird steam haters who’ve crawled out of the woodwork recently, why are you not buying your games on gog?

Save 0.40€ and 'stick it to the man’


This is the number 1 reason why I haven’t bought it yet. I still have the old price of $9.89 as the lowest price.


damn, and here i thought i could go little while without having to buy a a game :confounded:


Yeah that was almost 3 years ago and the price for a game what’s a quarter of what the game is today. The increased price is due to the increase in content the game offers.

It’s unlikely to reach a new “low” for years to come and it’s one of the kind of weird things about ITAD that they record prices for games that change so massively in scope and content like this one. The game that held that price point is not a game that is available to buy today. Should really have a new entry made I think.


For me GOG and Steam are the same prices at $12.49 USD.

But I am buying this instead:

to get the DRM-Free version plus the Steam key. :smiley: