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It's Still 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


It’s the successor of Chivalry, or perhaps just an expansion? kek

But, seriously, it’s like a fixed version of the game, where these devs address some of the issues Chivalry had. If I’m not mistaken, the devs were actual players of Chivalry that decided to make a better version. :smile:

The trailer is a bit silly imo, but if you’re interested, there’s a lot of videos on the channel explaining the improvements and etc.


better apply some cold water Torn Banner :grimacing:


I don’t know what they had on their minds when they released the other game. I mean, I can’t say anything because I didn’t play it myself, but I just didn’t like the style anyway. Would rather see them giving more attention to Chivalry than having their efforts put on that thing, or at least something more pleasant. But hey, now we have Mordhau! :smiley:


So, the adult game with a mix of tactics and space shooter or whatever already hit 1 million of 130k pledge. Who would have thought, huh? :smirk:

If it has good tactics, then I’m all set. Just don’t let the kids play, irresponsible parents. What do you guys think of this kind of game?


slowly killing off my Steam wallet

game looks insane though, now that I’ve seen some streamers etc. play it


I’ve yet to play past the second area in the first…


don’t even own it, looked like shit, but this is Doom gameplay combined with Mad Max car fighting mechanics and a bunch of other insane shit; it looks and should play awesome


It’s beautifully crafted, open world RPG with choices that matter and card-driven combat. It’s so polished, you can hardly tell it’s in Early Access when the game is starting up other than some features that are not yet implemented. I have been playing a couple of sessions, they are rather lengthy and there is a lot of reading. So if you don’t like to read, I guess you may not want to buy it. Main quests and side quests are there. Random encounters are for you to decide to explore or not.

Comes out tomorrow, base price will be $14.99 USD as far as I have been told.

In case anyone’s interested, this first video looks at the combat tutorial, it really was a first look, it took me a while to get what the heck is going on, but it’s easy to understand after a while. I tried the campaign on normal mode, haha… died before I could blink:

Played another run on Easy mode, it’s still quite difficult, video lasted a lot longer, b/c I was narrating all of the content, and there’s a lot of it. Of course I lost track of the time:

There’s a lot more game mechanics and content in here in the second video of course.

There’s some kind of internal progression system that I am still unfamiliar with, so even with permadeath (I think it’s always on, but I haven’t tried saving a game yet) there is still some progression.




It is old? I mean, are the servers even up still?






maybe yes in the btf 2 (classic are alive!)


I don’t think the servers are active on Battlefront 2 (the only one I recognize).

BUUUUT you could LAN party!


Unless GOG shut them down, they should be still up.


They brought back the servers last year through GOG Galaxy. Disney Interactive has been surprisingly respectful with the Star Wars IP.


I had fun with the demos regardless of graphics. But yeah, looks nicer and now it has a release date, if everything goes well until then. :smile:

no epic games shenanigans, hooray


jinxed! :fearful:





I’m guessing they’re doing this because of the newest FFXIV expansion coming out July 2nd, but you can currently download the Heavensward expansion for free off the Square Enix website. You need to have a Square Enix membership account to download it of course.

(Only for the PC version)