It's About Time!!! Artifex Mundi and others are on

I know. This was posted yesterday but I have been dealing with a funeral all week…So too bad. I didn’t get home until after 7 last night and I was beat.

Anyways…Wheeee…Artifex Mundi is finally there. too bad I already have all of them in download format. Plus those I was interested in from Nightdive::

I goofed up and let the sale expire. With everything going on, I swore the sale ended the 6th because of the holiday weekend. Oh well. Hopefully they will be on sale again in a bundle maybe…


Are you ok? Sending you hugs and positive energies. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you want to talk. :yellow_heart:

And really great on GOG’s part to do this. Thanks for letting us know!


hehe i saw this on Galaxy and immediately thought two things:
“Delenn is going totally “EEeeeee” :heart_eyes: right now”
“-and she probably already owns everything so far already”
:smile: :joy: :+1:

me too :hugs:


Thanks everyone for the concern.:joy: Made me feel good.:+1:t2:

It was a friend/my pastor of over 10 years. He went in for a hernia op Friday and was talking to his mother Monday afternoon…making plans on getting out Tues. An hour later they got the call he had died. Blood clot. Goes to show you never know; he was 5 yrs younger than me.


Don’t worry, @delenn13 dear. I already sacrificed 3 black chickens and one virgin while you weren’t looking.

You’re living forever, on the house. Just make sure to keep sending us deals links forever and we’re cool. :blush:

I’m joking, I thought I’d lighten the mood with a bad attempt at a joke that barely holds itself together.

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Where did you find a virgin?

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I definitely did not barge into a nunnery. That’s all I can say.

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