It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I know that Epic Boss looked familiar. Makes total sense now, lol. I know of Suikoden too, but never played either.


That made me laugh, a little. :laughing:
It’s safe to say there was a cult following, at the very least.

As to why Igarashi is there, it’s because they were fellow devs at Konami. A few also worked with him on Castlevania games.

It’s heartening to see Igarashi’s show of support and also apparently, some advice in their Kickstarter. There was never a doubt if the campaign will be funded since Day One but only a question of how many stretch goals it will pass. :+1:


Still plenty of time left, I’m pretty sure they will wreck that. I remember when following the Bloodstained campaign, they had to keep adding more and more stretch goals. lol


Hades 1.0 this fall! Hell yeah I got 391 hours in this game already.


This one just got revealed yesterday and looks really good!
No release date though, as the game still has a lot of development to be done. It’s aiming to be release on PC and all major consoles at the time of release:


Hype! Hype! It looks awesome and I love the fluffy wolf enemy. Can I hast one?


My Soulsborne senses are tingling ! Honestly this looks amazing.


I saw a stream of it earlier this week, it seems alright though very short. It was finished in about 11h and this is a guy who really explores as much as possible and likes to poke and prod at everything in a game. The environments are very well crafted but also consistently very grey and gets kind of boring over all. The mechanics do seem pretty solid though.


Well it’s not necessarily a downside for me. As an adult with limited time for games i dont mind shorter games at all. At least i have a chance of finishing something then lol.

If it’s not too long i guess i could live with that. Vampyr for example is also super repetitive with its environments and it has been running for 30+ hours now.

That’s the important part for me.

Though one serious gripe is Epic’s exclusivity. That ofc means once it will release on steam i will get to play mostly bugfree version so i’m good with that.


made by a studio of only 13 ppl btw


sure hope no one over there is superstitious :grimacing:


13 is my favourite number and I’m bounce bounce every Friday the 13th. I don’t think it’s unlucky at all. Black cats are also the cutest. :heart_eyes:

In that vein, a Japanese development team of 4, that is never gonna happen. Hee hee.


Looks like a fun enough game though I worry with the levelling system I see in place now it means that it would be a live service, aka justification of overpricing items + WB Games doesn’t have the best track record in terms of their business and PC ports. They do show health bars though but it otherwise looks similar to the previous Arkham games. Very cautiously optimistic about this, but if they mess it up Reddit is going to blow up. Again.


Totally not sure if I am “hyped” per se, that said, I am curious…


A pokemon Go clone with Witcher set dressing? I doubt we’ll see quite the same adoption rate this time around, also not sure 2020 was the best year to release a “lets all go outside” type of game they should probably have kept it on the back burner for a spring 2021 release.


A Pokemon GO clone…ugh.


Anyone not wearing a mask will probably show up as a monster so you can beat the shit out of them.


Uh,oh …

But i guess this was to be expected. With franchise expanding into tv series and mainstream in general , more and more nonsense like this aimed to most casual audience will get slapped Witcher sticker on top of it. As distasteful as i find this stuff i cant say i’m surprised.


We must ALL be playing this in some manner…


I think that Witcher game will be closer to Orna than Pokemon Go, with more focus on classical RPG mechanics and an MMO feel, than just pokemony stuff. Might be good, honestly, Gwent was good for a while and it actually wasn’t monetization that killed it for me