It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


both Agent 47 and Adam Jensen have been crying themselves to sleep every night for months now, meanwhile texting me that they never liked me anyway :joy:

I know all will be forgotten as soon as i make space and install those :sunglasses:


Agent 47 is such a cool dude. I’m clocking in at 80hours spent in his lovingg arms now and since i snatched GOTY Legacy pack during summer sale ( all content from 1st game ) i’m good for at least another 20 or 30 hours.


Two things I have never in life put together. He is mondo cool though. Think I’d rather be in Kiryu’s arms - he’s a good dad, lol. Guess i have to meet Agent 47 sometime.


actually, since I have EGS installed games on a different drive, this means I do have the space for it if i get it on EGS :thinking: (and for $13, that’s a steal :sunglasses:)




Wow @M00 if you can get it for $13 do it. You will never find that good of a price again. And the game is amazing! Sure it is on EGS but at this point… lol


@M00, @YQMaoski It’s $29.99 on my store front. So it’d be like $40 BDS after the voucher, which objectively isn’t bad.


I don’t mind playing it more on my PS4, so I will hold off on making any purchases. But if the sequel comes to PC, that’s probably where I will be going instead of buying it on console again


Unfortunately only in 2021!

Gameplay reveal on Saturday during the Devolver Digital event.


The 2013 game was brilliant and one of the best first person melee games I’ve played. The sequel didn’t appeal to me much with it’s heavier focus on it’s stat based gear grinding in a pseudo mmo style hubbed world overtaking the really well built, structured and paced single player experience.

I’m curious to see what the third one will attempt to be.


Although I liked both games, I agree that the first one is better. Hopefully, the 3rd one is more reminiscent of the first.


Great release trailer, can’t say much about the game play from it though. Looking forward to the promised game play reveal.



apparently, they just raised the price

I guess I’m going to be using that coupon on Disco Elysium instead and get that for $6



Remaster of the original

And a new original expansion will be released on 2021. I think this is them testing the waters. Instead of a full sequel, they do it this way to see if there’s enough interest in this franchise.

Hopefully there is, because this universe has a lot a potencial.

Oh and it would be nice if the people who have the original would receive this one for free, like THQ Nordic did with the original Darksiders and Red Faction Guerrilla


no hype at all rly but cool nonetheless


I guess I’ll only be hyped for Ubisoft when they announce a new Prince of Persia and/or a new Splinter Cell. And that they’re not open world like all other Ubi games!


apparently that trailer is a month old, lol, never heard of it


Lol ,again. More enemy outposts to grind through.


can’t wait to watch Ghost of Tsushima this weekend :joy:


This game just got a release date: August 4th

The game has a demo and a free survival mode, if you wanna try it out: