It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Looks interesting, though I think it’s probably too dizzying for me. But it’s free, so good find! :+1:


August 7th 2020.




$50 :weary:

not saying the game’s not worth it, but i was hoping it’d be $40, given it’s not exactly a new game, and maybe have a launch discount going on

i guess i’m going to wait then.


Worth it, but yes: :cry:


I think I will play it some more on my PS4 instead. It’s a good game (I got through it once), I am just not very good at it. I wonder how many people are planning to play this on PC with a controller. I miss having the mouse for precise movement and aiming on the controller.


I’m gonna try the keyboard, but if it is terrible, going straight for a controller. lol


I’m just surprised it doesn’t appear to have Denuvo… yet. Might just not be mentioned and we’ll have to see after launch.


You jinxed it now


sorry 'bout that, I will accept all blame for Sony’s actions from here on out…

wait, who the hell are “playstation mobile, inc.” ?


Can you gift Steam games from countries not from the same continent?


Sometimes, not always. It depends on the game and the limitations set by the pub/dev. You can look it up on and check out the packages there to see if the one you can buy has additional limitations or allowances.


probably a separate legal construction under which they publish mobile/handheld games, and since they already have that set up, it was just easier to publish it this way than to set up yet another vehicle just for 1 pc game, I guess


if you’re thinking of having someone in a cheaper region buy it for you cheaper, then that definitely will not work

it often doesn’t work for $ region to buy for € region even when they’re both at $15 and €15, for example


Wasn’t there a site to just check the region locks? Was it discontinued? I remember that it was shared here once.


Yeah, that’s what I thought but was not sure.

Thank you.


Sony has several publishers already on steam, already 4 games under playstation mobile inc. and another 4 under

Probably something’s published under Sony interactive entertainment itself, used to have sony online entertainment. It’s just kind of weird.


hm, yeah, now that you say that, rings a bell

H1Z1 was sony, no? let me check


yup, i remember that was specifically published (and developed) by Sony Entertainment, but now:



OMG i’m so tempted regardless. it’s making me feel sick :cold_sweat:

i dont even have space for it regardless :joy:

i rly have to get back in ass creed odyssey; it’s clogging everything up


It’s okay. It’s Steam. There’s always another server slaying sale. :rofl:


At the very least wait until it’s out and we can see if it even works. There’s been so many shoddy ports done over the years we really need to see the product before putting money down, can’t trust pre-release material or make judgements based on the console release.