It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Not exactly a ‘new’ new release but it seems that we are getting Mafia 1 remake .


I just found out yesterday about “Timelie” and it looks so cute and good. I hope it is a good game!


Used the search and didn’t find this yet, it’s leaving EA this spring and looks quite special and fun to me:

Apparently the 1.00 release will overhaul most of the game, it’s a public beta for those who purchased the game already :slight_smile:


Releases in approximately 17 hours:


Steam Box seems to be borked as always, Error Unable to load information about this item.


Is it any good?


Do consider to follow the curator group, because it’s one among the best about new indie titles :slight_smile:


So if you look around, there are some varied opinions about the game. I had a great time though. :smiley:


None of these are really new releases or anything and are for the Nintendo Switch. But I happened to be searching the “Upcoming Releases” (because just released was depressing) and the following are going to be releasing for the Switch:

BORDERLANDS Including the Handsome Collection and Legendary Collection (5/29)

BIOSHOCK (all) (5/29)


BURNOUT PARADISE REMASTERED (thanks EA, totes getting this) (6/19)


CATHERINE FULL BODY (which means it might show up for PC soon) (7/7)


This is recently completed fangame of Pokemon that is called Pokemon Rocket Edition created and based off of FireRed. This is an alternate story where you’re not even Red or Blue, but rather a new Rocket Recruit that has just been recruited beginning in Celadon’s Rocket base underneath the Game Corner. Being that you’re a Rocket means that you’re able to steal Pokemon from other people. (Or at least from the children and old men to begin with.) Taking inspiration from how the original was written, even including the infamous glitches in game, The alternate story keeps you entertained until the end. Rated 9/10 by yours truly.


The amount of class choices is indeed incredible for a game like that

Oh yea, I almost forgot about this remaster, I loved cruising around on the bikes.


Oh no…Not another one…LOL Brand NEW!!!


I really thought this was from the same devs of Blasphemous


And this is interesting. “Friends of Mineral Town”… it’s been years since I’ve heard that name.


Gonna be shiny but I am so done with the Harvest Moon rabbit hole. Looking forward to Portia again because Gust exists. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


So many amazing games I look forward to, but at the top of my mind:
The Curse of the Sea Rats

I saw so many amazing upcoming indie trailers last week during the Wholesome showcase.


Spelunky 2 still is slated for later this year, but who knows if that’ll actually happen. It was announced in 2017, the first trailer was 2018. The game then had some live gameplay footage and was at one of the gaming conventions last year, so some people got to try out a prototype a little bit. There’s no store page on Steam yet.


@missiloon All those look cute, but I’ve still to play Portia, lol. You did trigger this memory of a recent release though.





:crossed_fingers: :pray: :+1: