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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


…now or never? I’m going with never.


cant wait to play this :crazy_face:




dont see myself playing that now, but i sure played that like crazy with my friends back like whenever those came out

some gameplay:

too bad this was shot way before this happened:

would’ve been great to see their reaction to that


Why not? I’ve played the “HD” release on Steam, even tho it wasn’t the greatest, it was still a lot of fun. This new one seems a lot more polished tho.

About the kid, it’s one hell of an achievement. But we also have this here, which is crazy.


just for the same reason im not gonna play fifa though i used to play that like crazy 25 years ago; it was great doing that at that age at that time with my friends, but zero interest in playing those things now, just faded interests i guess, i was playing gran turismo back when that came out with my friends too and i’d still play that now if i could (just like i play other racing games); i think i’m passed sports games in general

I guess the difference is that the kid did it on a closed ramp, so not with the increased space to gain extra speed.


Ya, the kid did on a vert ramp, but he’s also very small so it has some advantages. If you’ve watched any of the competitions recently, they’re including a lot more kids and they’re insane. I’m pretty sure Mitchie is focused more on the big ramp and he’s probably looking for more while he’s still young.


i havent at all, i used to watch those things more whenever i caught those on the fly on MTV back in the day, but i haven’t had a TV at home since 2004 :joy:, though i remember watching some stuff on the Red Bull Twitch channel too a year or 2 ago


They have a lot of stuff on youtube: x-games, redbull stuff. I watch on a SmartTV whenever I’m bored with the usual things I watch on youtube/twitch. :rofl:



Yeah i must admit this looks really interesting

Hopefully there will be PC port down the line. I like me some samurai stuff.


Very unlikely this will ever get a port to anything, the studio behind it was bought by Sony long time ago, they only released games to the Playstation since.


It’s out today…


I wonder what they will work on next. Or if they are just going to sit on their fat stacks of money they made.


They mentioned before that they would move to develop other projects, can’t remember if they said anything about Terraria 2 and they abandoned the Terraria spin-off not too long ago, there’s a possibility they will at least salvage some resources from it.


I’m all over evertyhing mate, actually i have watched people play the beta. as you have shown Nothernlion is playing for the past few days, but right now he is bad at it as hes still learning the mechanics. Check out rhapsody if you want to see some decent play and understanding of mechanics


watching Northernlion being bad at games is half the fun of watching him play :joy:


He is genuinely terrible at this right now though. the episode from today he realises that he needs a tank at front at low heath damage dealer at back, gets a champion that is specifically a tank and uses it in the back line where and low heath units in front of it. And its stupidly obvious it’s meant to be a tank because it has no attack and does damage when you heal it. That whole episode he basically plays the whole strategy he should have employed ass backwards.

For reference here is the episode

Why did you delete your post?


that’s classic northernlion :joy: he realizes something and expresses his thought process, and 10 seconds later, when he should implement it, it’s like he has no clue

i hadn’t realized this game actually contains (supposedly) angels (or whatever should represent them); demons is one thing, i have no problem with their ‘gameificiation’, but angels is another (due to their elevated status [disclaimer: my opinion, not trying shoving it down anyone’s throat, just making myself a bit more clear]), so although this game’s mechanics and whole setup rly look awesome to me, it’s gonna have to be a pass for me (because of the theme), and so i also retracted my post cuz i can’t promote it


Fair enough