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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


They crushed their kickstarter campaing with the beautiful spritework. It’s long ways away (2022), but if you like what you see, you can wishlist/follow on steam (if it works for you, because for me it says it’s unavailable in my region even though it states that it will launch with full portuguese language support, :rofl: not that I need that either).


Sea of stars looks so good!


Wow, this looks super good!


Nice…Sea of Stars…Like my Desktop…


Wi-Fi warning:


Tomorrow the game "Moving Out"releases! I have been looking forward to that one so much!


We have here some people who have played Rogue Legacy but probably missed this announcement like I did.


Even if it’s half as good as the first one… should be worth it! Thanks for pointing this out.
Indeed I had no idea :slight_smile:


The games I’m VERY hyped for:

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  3. Crusader Kings III

All of which are set to come out this year. Horizon: Zero Dawn during summer, and although we don’t know CK3, I believe it’ll be September or November. AC:V will definitely be December, they’ll want to bundle it with the PS5s for the holiday seasons.



  1. Agree. :joy:
  2. Not looked at trailers, but more hyped to finally nuzzle Ezio when I can run game well
  3. No idea? Why the hype?


For Crusader Kings 3, it is huge because it is the sequel to CK2–a widely loved and extremely popular strategy game. I’m a huge fan of CK2, so the fact that CK3 is releasing this year is very exciting. :slight_smile:


If you like CK, you may also like Civ, and I’ve discovered this yesterday from watching quill18 (big civ streamer/youtuber).

From the looks, it’s going to be an Epic exclusive tho.


Yea, I got some Civ games. I like them enough, but it doesn’t have the same soul as CK2. I did see Old World on youtube this morning though, so that is weird you are talking about it now. lol sad to hear it is an Epic exclusive. :frowning:






Sign me up for the first two… The third one = O_o … Say wut!?


Should be in a few minutes I think…



I hardly ever do Kickstater…But this is from the makers of The Mims Beginning:

I got this in my RSS feeds, email, Steam and from a friend. So I am taking this as sign that…I NEED this game!!!

Considering Kickstarter…MAYBE!


@GeekInUndies That context is on fire… Drama!


preorder now, they say :joy: