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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I’m willing to give them some time though. Fallout New Vegas was and remains pretty buggy but still an excellent game, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that the game will eventually be worth playing.


From what I played before it started crashing and deleting my save games, it was pretty darn fun. Some of the quests reminded me of New Vegas a lot. The key differences is that the game is not (true) open world and the devs said it won’t ever be, but the similar tone is there, very clearly in my opinion without being a carbon copy.

The only problem honestly is that they released the game on two extremely buggy, problematic clients that neither care for customers or privacy just for money, and those two things never go together well.


So, uhh, I guess Konami is trying to fight IGA’s latest game, Bloodstained?

As a huge Castlevania fan, do want to check it out, but it does feel a bit weird from the trailer, looks like it comes with some Harmony of Despair multiplayer stuff.

Oh, and it’s for mobile apparently.

P.S.: Let’s not forget that when fans wanted a new Castlevania game, Konami released a themed pachinko machine, and now a mobile game!



Not going to lie, I read that and said:
Whose Onami? And why do we hate them?


Lots of quick scenes, if you’re going to play might not want to watch this trailer to avoid any sort of peaking spoiler.

November 8 for PS4, 2020 for PC.




Pretty colors



Aw mode activated, lol. SO cute! So pretty. ^^

Also, Death Stranding is really gonna happen!? Me and @M00 agree: Yee Haw! :heart:


Aa we are clearly posting games that are expected in 2020, here are my picks:



Tempting, I even got a 25% discount coupon for owning the HD version, even though you get 25% discount from the bundle for owning the HD already.

@Evranu The thread evolved into new releases and new announcements / upcoming a while back, so everything in one place. :sweat_smile:


Speaking about Death Stranding? Standing? Whatever it is called. Have you guys seen the Rick and Morty ad for it yet? :joy:

Anyhow, since the thread evolved, and honestly for the best, just heard the word that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is ON. I’m so EXCITED. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Sorry, I had to share the news as I am uber excited.


Shhhh! Don’t say these things. whispers to self Sekiro, Overwatch

Still, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a really good looking game. :heart:


@Enki JackSepticEye got an early copy from Sony! He started a playthrough today ^^


I don’t buy physical games very often nowadays but I really needed these


Not sure if it needs its own thread but:


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is released!

It came from a time when Dynasty Warriors was big and huge. I don’t think many know that? Or that may be my own understanding from when I first heard and saw this game.

It is a Korean online multiplayer RTS & 3rd person brawler(?). When you see a gameplay video, you will definitely feel the similarities to Dynasty Warriors (I hope you’ve played one). The graphics are 10+ years old but still look good. Gender locked classes, which is pretty common in Asian MMOs.

This game has been online for years in Korea and a few other countries. So I should guess that they have all their balancing and bugs fixed. Can’t say anything on translations and dubbing though.

I thought it would start with 3 classes (Gunslinger, Spellsword, Berserker). But they are releasing with 2 more classes that weren’t there in the beginning. (Ranger, Elementalist).

PS. Their “Bowmen” are women. Hah!


Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is now out. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I really hope it comes to the Game Pass. :sob: If anyone here plays it, please, do share what you think and some screenshots! :slight_smile:


I’m actually kinda looking forward to this…have fond memories of the first game on the OG XBox




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