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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


…released a day before my birthday… ahh very nice!



Those are my bones in the corner waiting for this game :exploding_head:


what if, by wishlisting this game, one gets to live till its release :rofl:

(I think its trailer says summer 2017 btw)


At least they are taking it seriously …i guess. Not taking easy route with early access before it’s finished.



November 15th, 2019 - That’s the planned release date. ^^

Original trailer for reference too.


This reminds me of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, which I played on the Wii.


Never heard of that one - just been following this game for ages.


Not exactly a hype for this year, but a really cute knitting/stitching/quilting version of Kirby in a kid-friendly action platformer.

Really enjoy having physical copies of games because of these physical booklets, I love holding them and reading them before playing.


Aw… so durn cute! I’ve only see friends play Kirby long ago in my computer lab days. That looks awesome. We should start a reminisce thread, lol.


Isn’t Star Wars coming out this month? Or was it November?



Oh, a bit further away than I expected, but still very close! :slight_smile:


If you’re talking Jedi Order-- wow, that’s way closer than I thought!

If you’re talking Episode IX…


@CptMold Oh whoopsies, thanks for pointing that out. I thought this was the other thread when I replied, December is for the movie and not the game.



I don’t even mind that movie releases could show up here. I just… have a comical lack of interest in Episode IX.

VIII was the worst kind of sequel-- it killed the lore, it killed VII’s plot arcs, it just tore the franchise to shreds. No matter how hard they try, every film from here on out will suffer for it. I don’t trust Disney to treat the franchise right anymore. I don’t even wanna see Kyle Katarn anymore, they’d screw that up too… like when not-Jan-Ors shows up in Rogue One with none of the charisma or competence. No thanks.



Lookie! An Epistory sequel :slight_smile:


The Outer Worlds came out the other day and it is a hot, buggy mess. Good god.


What are you talking about? It’s not out until 2020 at which point I’m sure it’ll be all fixed and working properly. : )



They never should have released it on Epic or Windows Store. This just proves how horrible the decision was. Plagued with issues, and this is not an exaggeration, and nowhere near the amount of people playing as to what it would have been had it released on Steam.

Plus…the game is awfully short. :rofl: