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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


No hyping anything up, especially not for this game! Just wait for the patch to install and see what’s actually in it.

Or go play minecraft, it has all of these things already : )


By the time Mists of Pandaria came i was just ‘wtf are you doing with this game blizzard’ … Pandas?




Hey so I was gonna hype the release of my new Chrono title but it’s already out.


A review for the game. This crazy Aussie knows what he’s talking about then it comes to old school FPS.


Still waiting on the Civvie 11 video.

Poor Matt didn’t figure out the alt fire for the pistol, which basically takes out his major complaint (a two minute rant on tiny spider monsters).



Oh the feels… :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:



Early access or?


Yeah m8, pretty lit. Full of bugs though. But it suits me. :+1:


Too cute!


Don’t mind the EA tag. It’s running and playing really well (watching a live play).

And also, check out the sweet prize Fandom is offering to celebrate their first game release. It’s also streaming on Gamepedia’s Twitch channel right now. Bigging up this game as I :heart: much :heart: Timewanderer, today’s host.

Removed Link. Sorry! Del

PS: @YQMaoski I’m fattening your wishlist again. :stuck_out_tongue:
PPS: This is part of the giveaway too: $500 Steam Store Gift Card


Keep them coming! :smiley: This game looks great!


Apparently released out of early access to day. No idea what it is but it seems I at some point in time thought it looked interesting enough to follow on


I always discourage any kind of ‘hype’ so let’s not hype this but it definitely looks interesting and also SuperGiant has a very decent track record so far so this one might be something to look for?


I thought that one was going to be an Epic exclusive?
Or was that just it’s early access period?

Looks like they still intend to keep it in early access until late 2020 so I’m not sure what’s really going on here. It was one of the first games to go Epic exclusive, maybe it’s been a year already.


It’s definitely been a year already, I remember Epic store launched within first week of December last year and Hades was one of the launch titles. Great that it’s a timed exclusive, the more options, the better!


I was actually unaware that it was an epic exclusive :wink: It just poped out today on my steam news and seemed interesting enough plus i really enjoyed previous supergiant games so decided to share it here.


I wouldn’t call this hype as the game has been playable for a very long time and rly looks and plays like a finished product (ever since it launched actually), so it’s merely an issue of adding content

@Fraggles it was always going to be a timed exclusive only (from what I understand, most [or maybe even all?] Epic exclusives are timed exclusives only, which is the reason i dont find that to be a big deal at all), and the game is still in early access on Epic as well. I imagine once it launches on Steam both versions will be the exact same and update together and leave early access at the same time (apparently in 2020) as well


Epic is just early access shenanigans, avoid it. :wink:


I always discourage any kind of ‘hype’

As i said i’m not hyping anything. Just looked like interesting release. I wasnt aware that it was an epic exclusive before.