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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


pardon my french

but holy fucking yes

thanks my dude!


I’m hyping this:

I can’t wait for the sequel to the Breath of the Wild too.


@GDBringer, so I didn’t spend that much time on it, I feel that it’s a little too complex for me. Even the Steam store page advertises it as pushing the boundaries of game mechanics complexity. For my feeble mind of enjoying action/reaction type of gaming for catharsis, this really does not fit the bill of a a lot of fun for me.

The game tries to do a little bit too much, in my opinion, in trying to capture everything that these developers decided from their experience of what constitutes a good game. The menu options and the incredibly many layers of menus/character sheets, inventories, character proficiency upgrades, etc, along with the layered gameplay of a board-game appearing worldmap RPG with segmental sequences of turn-based tactical combat piecing it all together actually made my head spin.

If one day I don’t have a heavily mentally taxing job and want to challenge my brain a bit, I might try it again. For now, I think I am going to tuck it back on the shelves…

Also, the load screen was a 1080p window that was totally black, with absolutely no response at all, for more than 1 minute, all that it said anything was the name of the game. There were also really long loading screens in some sections for me, although I did have all visual output settings maxed out for the game.

This is what I stared at for more than a minute


Gahh…So the game is very complex. From the trailers it looked like a lot of options to play the game in different ways. But if it is just needlessly complicated…I’ll probably buy it on sale in the future then.

Thanks for the insight!


You are welcome. :smiley:

If you were curious at all about the gameplay, I made a video and in the end, I spent some time looking at everything that seemed too overwhelming to me there. Maybe you would be interested:


I’d never heard of this, but as a pixel art connoisseur addict I appreciate the recommendation! I enjoyed it for a good 50 minutes, very nice artwork. Anyone know what happens differently if you take the “absorb artifact” path?


@AcornAvenger @Fraggles @KittiBear @YQMaoski


Planned for 2021, so a little hot on the draw there.
Looks very interesting though.


I was totally being a lazy ass 'cause I didn’t want to make a new topic or necro a long forgotten one. :wink::point_right::point_right:


Thanks. :smiley: I added it to my WL anyway, even though it’s a while away.


Thanks for thinking of me :blush: it looks great! Added to my WL and I’m not phased on the date… I have so many games I don’t play as is xD


This is really cool looking in ASCII style.


This looks amazing! :smiley:

My wishlist continues to grow at an unmanageable pace…


Showed up in my inbox earlier.


Never played it, so can’t get in on the hype, but um from what I heard: For the King?


This looks all shiny!!! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I must say this hits hard on Nostalgia front… i’ve stopped playing WoW right before Death Knight was introduced ( cant remember name of expansion ) and i have so many fond memories playing Vanilla . Though i’m fully aware that’s just nostalgia talking mostly, i doubt i would have same experience today as i did all those years back .


Wrath of the Lich King.

I quit midway through Mists of Pandaria.

And yeah, if it’s full vanilla, it’ll be missing some nice quality of life features.


No Man’s Sky BEYOND comes out August 14th and it is going to be amazing guys. Anywhere from 16-32 players online, and the tweet and video makes it seem like its going to be in one instance! Plus, you can cook and tame creatures! And yes…you can even ride them. :joy:


I can’t wait to try out the new base building and taming animals, plus the social thing should be pretty interesting as well. Meet random aliens on planets now, total re-haul of many systems and features, so many new things I can’t remember them all lol. This game is so amazing now, they have redeemed themselves so much with these amazing free updates.

This is a video with Sean Murray explaining many of the features and updates