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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Premise is sorta like Murdered Soul Suspect at first glance, but the protagonist survived. The art is also really gorgeous, to me anyway. Not so @YQMaoski?


Definitely looks good, been on my WL for a while, saw that it came out a couple of days ago. Definitely planning to put some time into it when I am able to. :smiley:


Where my fellow weebs at?


Looks better made than whatever the hell the thing on Switch I played was.


So Tetris Effect finally came out on PC! I really want to play it in VR, but I’m not too excited about buying it on Epic.


Yup, the thing does look cool, wouldn’t be keen on the VR thing even if I could. I can see the pieces behind my eyelids after playing. Imagine playing VR, lol.


Well Wolfenstein: Youngblood came out today one day earlier than consoles. I played a bit of it (got super sick because you can’t disable motion blur) and its a shooter as you would expect it, but the quirky sisters and story and Wolfenstein history is probably the majority reason anyone would want to play the game.


Doesn’t look like it’s doing too hot with it’s Mostly Positive rating on steam.

I, for one, won’t be getting it.


I’m mostly just interested in playing it in VR, getting epilepsy levels of colors is fun sometimes (but yes it might be hard to play). When I just want to play normal tetris I can do so on every other platform ever.


Mostly Positive is a bad thing now? :sweat:

Anyhow, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone not into the Wolfenstein series (religiously wishing to know how it plays out) or who were captured by the eccentric nature of the sisters and their quest in the trailer, like I was. Beyond that, it feels just like any other arcadey shooter, so there’s nothing new in it. Linear shooter. So definitely don’t get if that sort of thing ain’t up your alley. :slight_smile:

(for me, getting it for $20 was a good deal haha).


This is quite interesting if you don’t own a Switch but would like to try Mario Maker.

A bloke that I’m familiar with did a video on it as well, so check it out if you’re interested :wink:


I think this game is along the same lines, but I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet:


This game officially releases August 22nd but they’re giving it away early on Twitch Prime (for the Twitch desktop app). I’ve played a bit and it’s quite good so far.


This game kind of came out without much fanfare about 3 weeks ago. It is a project made by a group of college students I believe. Best part of it is that it’s free for everyone to play, on Steam, on Itch as well I believe.

It looks absolutely stunning in artwork.

So @Enki, @Fraggles, @NICK9X9, and @HouGuard, as you all have it WL, you should definitely try it out when you have a chance. The game looks amazing.

@coralinecastell, @delenn13, and @Inferry, and those others here who enjoy nice pixel artwork, you should check it out too.


You mean this game?



My bad, sorry… lol. Have been so busy lately I haven’t caught up in all of my readings…


No worries. It just sounded like i “knew” that game so I did a search…


This is for those turn-based strategy players. I didn’t buy it yet. But it looks interesting (magic experimentation, philosophy ratings, and multiple endings) and it’s a new release that I added to my wishlist.

If anyone takes the plunge, let me know how it is.


On my to-play list this weekend, I will get back to you on this one.


Thanks for the notice pal, I didn’t knew about this one.