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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


ikr i really enjoy the E3
and third-party developers when announcing their games for PC a lot did not highlight what platform they will come out, I supposed to prevent absurd drama but it’s something highlight


Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin coming to PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC this winter!

Considering it’s from publisher XSEED, my guess is that it will be Steam, but we never know what the evil masterminds will do.


Having finished the Commander Lilith and the fight for sanctuary DLC I can say it is a good time, but a lot of the enjoyment requires you to have played Tales from the borderlands.


Is this enough pixels for ya. @Enki???

Or @yoshirules @yoel666 @coralinecastell, @YQMaoski @missiloon @KittiBear and @AcornAvenger :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


The whole first person business is still very daunting to me. So I am holding back on this one, as I am not purchasing the daily deal today because of that nature… Once I can get comfortable with FPS games I have, then I might think about branching out some more.


Same here, lol. It definitely takes some getting used to and even going up stairs still feels pretty weird, lol.


@YQMaoski @Danacscott

We should set up a group to play FPS sometime after meowski and I are done with The Division.


i check it ty for more backlog
and the 90’s aesthetic is pretty as


Watched a bit of this streamed today before needing a nap. It’s super awesome. Metroidvania fans should def take a look see.


Yaaaas, I backed this since the day I heard about it. Played a bit now to compare how it was during the backer beta, it’s running a lot smoother in my potatobook. I can already see me wasting lots of hours farming and exploring just to get the 100%+ completion, plus all the replays to get the alternative endings and new characters!

As always, I have the lowest settings so I can actually play the game. It can probably look a lot better. :rofl:


Really odd that they put up a demo for limited time before launch, what’s the problem of having a demo for your game available at all times?

I wish more devs would make demos these days, all the memories of games I’ve played a demo and felt in love with in the past, the last I played with this effect was CrossCode and Hazelnut Bastile, I’ll definitely grab the games at some point.


This is just so that they could get people to try it and pre-order. They are trying to boost pre-order numbers. It’s what they call a “fair trade.”



I’ve found there are a surprising number of demos available on steam, but the button is not exactly eye catching and off to the side a bit. Find myself every once in a while browsing a game wishing it had a demo and on 3rd page visit notice it did all along.


The demo is only available for 72 hours…


It’s not? Play a tiny piece and get a “promise” for a complete game. Sorry, I’ll wait until the game comes out to make sure there is a full game there.


Don’t buy pre-release, because the Steam page might just get scrubbed into an advertisement for Epic-only game… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am definitely not pre-ordering, I think the practice is terrible.


I’m certainly not pre-ordering either. But as far as pre-sale events go a “press beta”, or in ancient terms “demo”, is a fairly common thing. Making the demo available ahead of release seems like a pretty reasonable marketing strategy and I can’t really find any fault in what they’ve chosen to do here. Obviously at no point is anyone obligated to pre-order even if they enjoyed the demo.

It would however seem a little silly to me to not keep the demo a permanent feature afterwards.


Absolutely, I agree this is a good move.

Right, it’s just a more visibility kind of thing, especially here on Steam. They can factor that into people playing and friends seeing them playing, etc. More people adding to WL. All good things for the game, even if people do not pre-order.

I think it’s more than a little silly. Afterall, back in the days of demo discs, the CD didn’t self-destruct after 3 days.

But the point of them announcing it for a 3 day event is likely to boost viewer numbers in a short period. If people know about a permanent demo, they can just say, “Hey, I will play the demo during one of those eventual 50% sale events, and if I like it, I will buy the game.” I think this is what they are trying to avoid. It’s a “limited-time” offer to get more traction in the short term.


What I mean, as stated by @delenn13, is that it’s limited time demo. Many other games have demos available for anyone to try, at any time, not just timed. Which is why is odd to me.

Just make the demo permanent, not limited. If people don’t like the game after a purchase, they will refund anyway. Demo is just the same process but without involving payments/a deadline. On the other hand, people can pirate to try, which is also a nuisance and probably bad for them.

Dunno if Steam changed, but right now it’s right there along with the buy button. I thought this was an Augmented Steam thing, but I’ve checked on the client and it’s there too.


@Pylinaer By the way, tis a fine idea. Which FPS game did you have in mind?