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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Epic cares about the individual game. It’s why the best store doesn’t have a shopping cart.


protects the monetary integrity of each person


yea this is definitely not steam’s/a business’ ideology with all that animu oppai available :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


got a feeling i’m gonna need this at some point :blush:


Ditto… Looks so good. :smiley:


Some people didn’t even notice it at E3 2018, shame


Marvelous and XSEED. That combo made Story of Seasons. Which I, unfortunately, didn’t really like.


Extremely gorgeous game. Wish there was a demo version. Reminded me of Legend of Mana - the general feel, not the art style.


Shut down the thread, 2019 is over

Day One of THQ Nordic’s Pre-E3 Shenanigans

We went from this:

to this

More screens while I try to contain the hype:

This is the peak of gaming and everything will be downhill from here

For those of you who don’t know about this masterpiece, it never got a proper PC port. It does for Spongebob what The Stick of Truth did for South Park. It’s a 3d platformer with the entire world as seen in the show and pretty much every character and locale you can think of, and it aged like wine everywhere except in graphics.

I mean purely on a texture and lighting level, too; the animations around the board were and are still great.

I got excited when THQ Nordic worked out the legal minefield, but I expected HD ports. I didn’t ever imagine seeing this level of care put in.




I really like spongebob


So soon! I will hopefully have some energy to do a little recording of it tonight. :smiley: Got the OK from the publisher to release gameplay video/etc before release. So that’ll be my sole project tonight. (Plus dinner, lol)

… ahh, the woes of working until 8 pm on Wednesdays (on the books, I am actually here until later most of the time.)


This is the closest you’ll get to a press release:

Nordic confuses me.

The press kit is another story though:
Those were in-engine screenshots…


Been on my WL for a while, this one! Please @ me if you link to your video here!! :butterfly:


I talk a lot in my videos, hope you don’t mind! :smiley: I will throw it on here when it gets uploaded!


You talking a lot makes me feel better about me talking a lot as well! So much the merrier. Looking forward! :butterfly:


Hope it’s good game and you don’t fall asleep while making it! :smiley: Seriously, get some rest man!

Don’t worry about talking a lot. She doesn’t like accents, especially slavic ones. You are in the clear :stuck_out_tongue:


Releasing November 15, 2019
New Region
New “Superpower” - Dynamax
Will have multiplayer
New Feature - Max Raid Battles (designed around multiplayer)
Some pokemon can only be caught from Raid Battles.

My thoughts:
Max Raid Battles are NOT going to work out well. Like…at all.


@coralinecastell, the first video is uploaded. YouTube is taking its sweet time getting all of the resolutions ready, so it seems to only play in 360p right now. I would wait until all of the resolutions are done processing I suppose. Not sure how long it will take.

2nd video is actually done as well, will be releasing on a timed schedule in approximately 7 hours.

Hope you see something you like in there. :smiley: I will try to take this Let’s Play series as far as I can.

@onLooSe, talking about accents. I guess you are only going to have some people who like your accent. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t talk in a slavic accent even if I tried. haha…

Fortunately I didn’t fall asleep, but I need to get to bed now, so to prepare for another work day coming up soon. :man_shrugging:



That’s a pretty gruesome but nice teaser.