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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I’m hyped for stuff that’s already out that I can’t run on Potato. It seems a lot of games are suddenly going to be released soon. Ah well, that means there’ll be something for everyone. :slight_smile:



So this just popped on my Steam feed, from the creators of one of my faves, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.



That looks really interesting, thanks for the heads up.


I searched the topic and didn’t find this game coming out this year.

I didn’t pre-purchase, but I’m a bit hyped. Mostly intrigued on how they will do destructible environments and their version of decisions with consequences.


As a fan of Digimon since I was just a kid, this news is huge to me. A Digimon game is coming out, called Digimon Survive, and it has tactical RPG elements to it (FFT like battles). It is stepping away from the bizarre hacking themes the last games had. And not only that, it is coming to Steam! :star_struck: :hugs: :relaxed:

No page for it yet, but here’s the website.



I win again. Y’all said it would never happen.


More into the Pokemon universe than Digimon, but it’s a nice if by FFT battles, you mean Final Fantasy Tactics? Latest game I’ve seen with those mechanics is Fell Seal and it’s very good game (watching a streamer) so far, with a lot of the annoying things in FFT improved.


Yea, FFT as in Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the best games ever made. :relaxed: I’ve been keeping an eye on Fell Seal, too! Waiting for it to be completed before I jump, hear it needs to improve its story cohesiveness but that overall it is a great game.


This looks like it could be interesting so I wishlisted it.


Damn they pro on every genre? :smiley: If they managed to pull half of those genres of games decently - this will be amazing.


I hope they do pull it off. When i was younger i lived at the local arcades and my older sister worked at one at the time. One of the perks of the job was she got so much in free games so she would just give it to me to use when i stopped in to visit her.


looks really fun, I will absolutely wishlist it. :smiley:


well if you do end up getting it i’ll be looking forward to your review on it. :grin:



This is EXACTLY my style! The art, the direction and the OH SO BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! :heart_eyes::sob::star_struck::scream::ok_hand:


not a switch exclusive


and only for vr’s
but not a EPIC GAMES BEST PLATAFORM exclusive


does Epic even allow those games on their store ? :thinking:


no,thats WHY epic games are better than steam


the steam discover game list are fucked up lolwhat


I don’t know if it got posted before, but Hell Let Loose is releasing soon (June 6th). I’m hoping it is good (looks like Squad so I’ll probably enjoy it) but what I really want is for it to not be dead in a week. :sweat:

:scream: :nauseated_face: