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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


dude pls, what do u think one finger death punch means? It literally means exactly that, u deal a death punch with 1 finger


It’s good thing that stickmen don’t have any fingers in that case right?


This is the original but it illustrates this very well:


@Pylinaer, I am so impressed. I don’t know how out of practice you were in that run (to make it even more impressive), but I can tell you that my reflexes will never be as fast as yours. Good job! :clap:


I had a bit of warm up in order to unlock it. Otherwise it’s been a while. Probably over a year to two years. I can see the few instances I didn’t remember the color and was going off how they acted.


It is true! Octopath Traveler to PC June 7th!

What is this though?! No Final Fantasy Tactics, the game that MADE this genre? This…this is blasphemous!


I guess it’s not always a good deal to buy out of the gate, even with a good price reduction:

WHY IS IT IN A BUNDLE ALREADY?! I really think they didn’t need to do this, 2 days after release…


Wow, I think that might be a record.
The bundle it’s in costs $2 less than the discounted price on steam. Someone must have made some sort of a mistake here. Were they planning on putting the first game in the bundle and just sent the wrong keys?


That’s what I was thinking too. O_O Nothing is ever bundled that fast.




I have seen this happen with no-so-popular games, and I am really saddened by the fact that they felt the need to do this at all. All this does is kill their own business. The game’s sold so much in the first couple of days, I remember checking on Day 1, it peaked over 1000 players. There’s absolutely no reason to do this.

I doubt it’s a mistake.

I wonder if this is going to lead to a massive amount of review bombs now from people who have made the purchase in the first 2 days and have played past the limit to refund from Steam.

By the way, not a mistake:


That would be really sad - you for one, looked like you had fun with it. It also seems polished enough to be worth full price. If I end up getting that bundle, the irony is, that OFDP2 is the one game I don’t want - not my kind of thing. Strange sort of advertising gimmick.


Well not the mistake I theorized but mistakes were still made, by their own admission.


lol, couldn’t buy this anyway, though i might soon finally become able … maybe


a new free to play game


I’ll happily take it off your hands if you get the bundle.


just released, looks amazing


Is this a re-release of the old version?


It’s the same previous game that they decided to make into a F2P game. Now with pay DLCs… (I don’t know if the DLCs are the same as before, I didn’t look into it before the change.)


That’s a deal. :slight_smile: Should get it when that bundle goes on Happy Hour - around that time.