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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


EA has been very hands-off with their IPs, actually. That’s kind of why BioWare got so screwed-- they were left to their own devices by EA as a proven studio with plenty of successes, up to the release of DA Inquisition. The move to Frostbite apparently was entirely within BioWare rather than a company forced decision, and the EA intervention involved in Anthem and ME:A led to some of those games’ most important saving graces (like Anthem’s flying, where Soderlund got a preview of Anthem and thought it was boring trash, leading to DICE and a few other companies being moved in to improve it. Mechanics like flying were brought back in to impress Soderlund despite being cut in development).

EA really hasn’t screwed up too badly in recent memory. I’ve certainly got my qualms with them, but the games they’ve released-- well, they’ve been a lot better as a publisher, and that’s definitely had its downsides.


when i say “hands off” i don’t always mean in regards to design/gameplay direction
-but often monetization, since usually (to my understanding) these “inputs” always come from up high/on a publisher level in some fashion in order to make a game “reach expectation”. Not saying Andrew Wilson directly knocks on the door and asks Bioware/Dice/Respawn leads to specifically input X scheme, but even just being told "you need 500mill/X"in revenue will definitely force a ceo’s more grounded expectation of direct sales to implement other needed monetization to reach the forth put goals
especially when so so many games constantly “fail” to meet sales “expectations” alone because fcknut lofty aspirations
Was it bungie that at some point had to “defend” Activision by assuring it wasn’t “them” that ordered the mtx -but was needed to make the necessary revenue post? can’t remember, think i’ve seen monetization “choices” defended more than once by studios for a publishers “honor” -still wont kid myself that those big publishers are somehow shiny knights full of innocence, if X pattern becomes present in their lineup
but also calling it “hands off” i think is a little funny, when they directly killed off Visceral, because their vision of open world star wars game didn’t fit with EA’s on “current trends” etc
-not saying EA was wrong in doing that, and obviously could be more reasons than they wanted offer. But seems to suffer the potential same flaw as “CoD focus group testing” has done, as here and there games, that “shouldn’t” be a success, is, (“the market dont want sp or story focused or horror games” -surething EA :+1:)


Oh, it’s so good, only one more day and a little bit until release!

Here’s my first look gameplay:


any idea about the price? nice vid btw


It will be $7.99, it’s what I have been told by the way.

And thank you!


Oh crap, that was your video!? I definitely didn’t look hard enough. And only watched like 30 seconds. :grimacing:


No worries! :slight_smile: I only shared, not expect everyone to sit through my very scattered commentary as I try to concentrate, play, and trying to see the difference between the first and second games… :smiley:


game is out with 25% reduction, so I’m buying it now, lol.

It’s a bit weird to see so many games release with a reduction right out of the gate though.


My review is up. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the game!


They really messed up missing the opportunity to name it “2 finger death punch”


There are two people after the naming process, one of them wanted One Finger Death Punch 2, the other wanted Two Finger Death Punch. Ultimately they decided with just tacking on a 2 at the end of the name.


the whole point of the game is that u play with 1 finger, which is why i think they decided against that name


But you don’t though, unless you’re intentionally handicapping yourself. The game is clearly best played with 2 fingers.


I played 5+ hours of the first one with the controller and then when things got a bit rough I decided to try the keyboard, but using both hands and it was immediate improvement. It’s way better to time correctly and go with the “rhythm” when going through the fast levels and I think it’s even better than using only 1 hand and 2 fingers (like with the mouse) :smiley:


I think most people play with two fingers, be it two fingers in your left and right hand on the keyboard or two fingers on the mouse. Things get really rough if you only use one finger. But maybe they meant just one finger on each hand? (But I am thinking back to old-school game controllers that has only a d-pad on one side, and a couple of buttons on the other, that would have been called One Finger Game Console?

Agreed with @onLooSe, I also tried controller, but mouse or keyboard is definitely preferable.

I actually prefer the mouse, but probably because I spent a few hours using the mouse. When I switched to two hands, it felt a little strange. Though the side-by-side rhythm would almost definitely be better.


yes, i do, lol, i play with the controller and use my thumb to hit B and X, which allows me to lean back in my chair and have a laid-back experience playing this game

who would ever use 2 fingers to hit B and X on their controller?

and it works perfectly fine btw, have gotten 5 stars on all levels so far

in any case, whether u play with 1 finger or 2, every single death punch is inflicted by 1 single finger regardless


No one, but when you see the difficulty spikes you might even attempt that. I’m too used to controllers as well and if it was X/A(for Xbox) and Square/X(for Xbox) It would have been better, because I usually lean my finger on those buttons which are jump and regular attack for most platformers so I don’t need to lift it up at all.
I even tried right hand claw grip - my thumb on square and my index on circle (B for Xbox) - it was really better but in that position of the index finger even though to press the button you just slide it over it, the counting was a bit hard.

That’s how the first game starts as well if they didn’t changed anything in the difficulty scaling :slight_smile:

Later on a lot of enemies have inputs like Blue/Red/Red/Blue or Red/Blue/Red/Blue or Blue/Red/Red/Red and they get thrown in your screen at the same time so you need to be able to plan who will move to which side and chain directions without missing or getting hit. This means depending on who is coming from each side you need to take notice who will flip the less and lock him on the side he will no longer switch to while you deal with the other and gaining a bit of distance. It’s hard to explain until you see it for yourself. One finger is possible up until a certain point. And I’m just talking about the first difficulty :slight_smile:


yes, but the death punch is only the final blow, which will always be dealt with one single finger regardless of how you play, no?

also, u say later as if I’m not there yet, lol, according to my achievements I’m 26 levels in, so ofc I’ve been dealing with these enemies for a bit now; i rly dont get how it’s that hard to just hit B or X and switch in between just with your thumb, they’re like 1cm apart

then there’s also the fact that yr brain will probably process inputs for 1 finger faster than for 2 as well, if u think about it

but the main thing is i think you should first try it and then judge, i used to play the first one with the mouse actually, and i find the gamepad is actually better based on my personal experience with both

and then maybe it just depends on the person possibly too


Yeah ok let’s be technical, I don’t mind at all.

Wait until the speed increases and you need to have the experience to know how much parts of a second you have until you do an attack on 4 hit enemy who then switches sides before he’ss able to start a swing on you and 2-3-4 more are already in your range with different combinations and ready to swing at you. You as well need to learn who to prioritize in those situations. Gets really peachy. Even 100 levels aren’t enough to see this.

This is correct but you don’t have enough time to pull the movements your brain is telling you to do… using separate arms is the most viable coordination to be honest.
I started to miss and don’t have enough time with one finger after 4-5 hours in the first game on the starting difficulty which is the first out of 3. This is probably 200 levels in.


My work around is sitting back with a wireless mouse and clicking instead.

After getting a series of good scores, the speed ramps up quite a bit, and I had trouble with keeping up with the button presses with the right thumb. I find that mouse clicks are much faster for me.