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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


@M00 I was watching a video in my recommended on indies showcased at EGX Rezzed and this screamed you.



that guy saved one of my cousins actually

Personally, I’m hyped for Cyber Shadow. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it looks pretty good based on the trailer so far, and after how good Shovel Knight turned out to be, I’d probably go for any game that Yacht Club Games released.


This finally released today, all 3 games in one surprisingly decently priced bundle.


Hey so its my first post dont murder me :sweat_smile:

Im actually really hyped for MB2: Bannerlord! just the right game ive been wanting.
Also im shocked no one has mentioned this one

Should be announced in E3 on the official date if it isnt delayed again.


I’ll guess it’s because of the lack of info on the game so far. We’ll probably hear about it a bit more at this upcoming E3 or some time in December. That said, rest assured it’ll release before Bannerlord…

Oh, and uh, welcome to the forum!


Thats what i had figured and thank you very much! i was introduced due to philip defranco having a sponsor with the site so i figured id check it out! glad to see it was worth my time!


Need to know where you live first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the forums! Hope you stick around and have some fun here!


about that, will be sending u a pm soon, i got u, bud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it’s a sign? :thinking: @Enki


I hope they don’t cover it in so many details.


3 more backlog games


Rumors say Octopath Traveler will hit PC/Steam in June guys (article or something by Square Enix that got deleted shortly after announcing it).

The only thing that could beat that (if true of course) is if Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was released for Steam, too!


i see the rumor and i hyped so much


Now where is the rumor about final fantasy tactics? :thinking:


Hopefully around the corner! :blush: :crossed_fingers:


The makers of 80 Days are making a new game called Heaven’s Vault.


This would be so nice!



i’m curious about that one, and the confliction it causes
part from EA’s mishandling of, everything?, to shuffling the game around/killing studios over it
and then to the praise Respawn gets (specially after Apex) and the “assurances” then that they will handle it well. And “because of apex” EA will also have no hands involved in this(that last part i’m finding mucho hardo to chew on)
and “how much” of a linear CoD campaign clone this will be, given they’ve never really done anything besides that style
+most importantly, how they fn handle the non shooting combat. Kotor light saber/force power action style i can forgive given the turn-based nature, but i’d really not just want some bland “pewpew” or For Honor swish mode’ing from this
+any promise made by EA these days i don’t have much faith in, so saying “no mtx” doesn’t mean, even “if” true, they wont find some other egregious way to try and carve this sht up or monetize the fck out of it, specially if it’s no mp/“live service” they can slowly drain
but in the end, it’s fn star wars!! :crazy_face: