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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Early Access (Jan. 21st) will have co-op enabled!


Um… First thought: Pokemon?
started to watch vid Pokemon?!!
get further in Companion Pokemon!!
sees battle Pokemon fully animated ^^
end of video - I need a throwing money gif


No, it’s Temtem




@Pylinaer, @delenn13 Ah Chronies, so helpful. :heart:

@Enki :wink:


I’ve been following the development of TemTem for quite a while. I’m glad it is finally coming to early access! Really think it could be successful! :slight_smile:


@onLooSe Dead Cells vibe in this one!



A break dancing crab??? :scream:


It’s going to be a good year. The likelihood of disappointments are lower than the past 5 years.

Final Fantasy 7.
Ori Will of the Wisps.
Nioh 2.
Doom Eternal.
Cyberpunk 2077.
Resident Evil 3.
The Last of us 2.
Half-life Alyx.

And those are just the ones off the top of my head. Though most of the releases seem to be around April or November. As always though, I will not pre-purchase and will wait several days until I see the reviews from trusted youtubers.


Lots of delayed games thou


Nioh 2. … Haven’t even nuzzed Sekiro and first Nioh yet. I’ll just be here, listening to you guys chat about new releases, lol.


I guess Doom Eternal, but it’s a game i won’t be able to afford. I say this because I just beat Doom, so it’s interesting to see what happens next. The game looks like an improvement of the previous game, with the dash probably from the VR game if I remember correctly, and the shotgun hookshot thingy looking like a fun combo. The increased mobility as a whole is interesting to see play out and the level design is designed that way.


Temtem Early access launches in about an hour.


£28 for early access?! They can go and f… :wink:


Holy cow… I got a 10% coupon, but I doubt I will use it…


Yeah… about that… O_O. Just no. I expected a $19.99 start price or so. Wouldn’t have gotten it now, but still.


Yeah… I was not expecting $35 for right out of the gate early access.


They said somewhere on twitter that this price wouldn’t be far from the final price of the game.

As for regional pricing, it’s still expensive here, but much better than it would if it there was no regional pricing.

Current: 66 BRL
Without Regional Pricing: 147 BRL