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It's 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases!


Pokemon Sword and Shield come out November 15th.

And here is an excerpt of a feature:
“One of the features available on the Y-Comm menu is the Surprise Trade. Select a Pokémon from your Boxes that you’re willing to trade, and that’s it! A trading partner will automatically be found as you continue on your adventure!”

So basically a better version of wonder trade.


“Membership in the Nintendo Switch Online (paid) service is required to participate in Link Trades and Link Battles using the internet. There’s no need to set up a membership for local communication use.”

That basically just kills it. As expected. :neutral_face:



I don’t know if this needed a gender swapped reboot, but I am excited!


Just thought I would put this here because some of us have the same “sickness”. :rofl:


Dark and hard ,right up my alley!


Thank goodness for Dork Tower. AND I NEED ALL THE RPG’s I OWN THANKS VERY MUCH…


So I know this is supposed to be a HYPE thread. BUUT

From Tweaktown on Halo: Master Chief Collection:
“There’s absolutely no way the full MCC will be out on PC this year, though. Don’t expect that to happen.”

Due to issues with the Original Xbox One of all things.


Borderlands 3 is out for those who care.

And it looks like it’s horribly optimized and uses denuvo, potentially causing issues with 4 core / 4 thread CPUs.

How does your card stack up?

How can you get better performance without sacrificing visuals?